Womens Shoe Fashions: When To Wear Slip Ons

A guide to wearing slip ons around the house, at the office, and for special occasions. Tips include hazards and comfort considerations.

Before the twentieth century fashion explosion, the majority of designer women's shoes incorporated elaborate buttons, buckles, and laces. Slip ons, shoes without fasteners that can literally be slipped on in an instant, were largely reserved for field labor or other situations where fashion was not a consideration. Today, however, women's slip ons embrace a wide range of styles and tastes and are appropriate for nearly any occasion.

Slip Ons: Around the House and Casual Dress

Slip ons are a perfect choice for all-purpose house shoes. Canvas or denim styles are easily washed, and because they slip on quickly, they are valuable for running brief errands, checking the mailbox, or taking out the trash. Dark, muted colors such as black or navy blue don't show dirt as readily as lighter colors or elaborate patterns, and can be used for outdoor work. Comfortable slip ons are a necessity when recovering from blisters or ingrown toenails, and both open and closed-toe designs are useful. Most slippers are slip ons, which are perfect for lounging around the house in the evenings.

Canvas, denim, or leather slip ons are the perfect fashion accompaniment for jeans or other casual clothes. Designs with low heels or no heels are best for casual ensembles, and even basic slip ons are available in a wide range of colors to coordinate with other accessories. A pair of sandals or flip flops works well for the beach or pool. For casual outfits, slip ons with sequins, elaborate embellishments, or high heels should be avoided.

Slip Ons: Professional Fashion

Slip ons add a touch of playfulness to professional clothes. When choosing slip ons to coordinate with professional clothes, be certain to pay attention to company dress policies that may forbid open-toed or open-heeled shoes for safety reasons. Conservative slip ons in muted colors with lower heels are appropriate for nearly any business setting, and brighter colors or more elaborate shoes are usually acceptable when coordinated with an entire outfit.

Slip ons are convenient for the office in many ways. Because they are quick and convenient, they can be easily slipped off under a desk to discreetly create a more relaxed working atmosphere. They can also be swapped for more athletic shoes for a lunch break workout or a walking commute.

It is vital to take any workplace obstacles into consideration when choosing slip ons, because they can slip off just as easily. Recently waxed floors, narrow stairs, and ragged carpeting can make walking in slip ons more hazardous, and nothing is more unprofessional than losing a shoe while walking about the office.

Slip Ons: Special Occasions

Slip ons are appropriate for nearly any special occasion, including weddings, banquets, graduations, awards ceremonies, and funerals. To select the right slip ons, however, takes more consideration than coordinating with the rest of the outfit. For example, shoes for a wedding need to be comfortable, suitable for dancing and mingling, and able to navigate the venue if the ceremony is outdoors, so a conservative pair of slip ons may be best. An awards ceremony, however, typically does not involve dancing or prolonged standing and is usually indoors, so more elaborate shoes with higher heels would also be acceptable.

Even the most outrageous fashions are acceptable for special occasions. Alligator skin, sequins, flowers, glitter, vinyl, and glass can all be found incorporated into the designs for slip ons. As long as the shoes coordinate well with the rest of the outfit, the sky is the limit for fashionable footwear.

Whether they are clunky mules, flowery sandals, or sparkling heels, fashionable slip ons can be found for any occasion. No matter what a woman's taste, the comfort and convenience of slip ons will always help her be light on her feet.

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