Women's Shoe Tips: Pumps Vs. Slingbacks

Suggestions for finding the most appropriate and flattering shoe style to pair with any outfit.

The fashion rule of thumb that every woman knows: heels will make you look thinner. It doesn't matter if you're wearing jeans or a skirt, right? You have just entered the fashion grey area. Yes, heels will add valuable inches to your legs, which can visually redistribute your weight. But some shoes will help flatter your figure more than other styles with certain outfits.

Pumps always come with heels, the height of the heel can vary anywhere between a quarter inch to six inches. Pumps are typically the icon of feminine fashion, as they can be worn with everything from bridal gowns down the aisle to suits at the office. Slingbacks are an extremely versatile style, as they come in every style from enclosed and open-toed to heels and flats.

The Right Shoes for the Right Outfit

Slacks, Jeans and Capris

Pumps are always slimming as it creates a sleek line from the hip to the toe, and they look especially trendy when worn with pants. Wearing pumps with jeans always adds a subtle sexiness to an outfit while extending the legs.

However, wearing slingback-flats with pants is not a great idea. The hem will most likely drag on the ground, not only looking sloppy, but possibly ruining the pants in the process. Wearing high-heeled slingbacks with Capri pants will lengthen and slim calves, whereas wearing flats will showcase a cute and trendy pair of flats.

Skirts and Dresses

Pumps will dress up any outfit; however certain styles will look frumpy when worn with pumps. Sundresses or romantic dress with flowing fabric are better paired with open-toed slingbacks, as pumps will polish those looks a little too much. However, pumps look especially good when worn with A-line skirts, or skirts with hemlines below the knee.

Conversely, slingbacks can make legs look chubby if the skirt's hemline isn't above the knee. It is better to wear open-toed slingbacks, since these give thighs and calves a slender appearance. Also, ballerina slingbacks are soft and chic, and can add some visual interest along the legs.

At The Office

Since they elongate the legs, pumps are flattering on every body type. If you're in an office environment, then pumps probably part of the dress code as well. Pumps can be ultra-chic in the workplace when paired with fitted slacks, and add a slight sexiness to an otherwise professional skirt.

Although a more casual choice of footwear, slingbacks are also perfectly acceptable work-wear attire, and can add a touch of trendiness to yet another office pantsuit. Flats or heels, slingbacks can work either way, as long as the shoes balance out the body's proportions.

Down The Aisle

Traditional white pumps will never go out of style, however pumps may not go with every dress""not to mention dancing in them can be hard on the feet, and who wants their first dance as husband and wife to be fraught with pain? Several name-brand designers are now introducing many slingback styles that are both comfortable and stylish, and can be worn with a wide array of bridal gowns.

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