Do Wood Blinds Have to Match Woodwork?

By Jackie Johnson

  • Overview

    Do Wood Blinds Have to Match Woodwork?
    When you are choosing new window treatments like wood blinds or shutters, you may wonder if you should make sure that the wood in the blinds matches the woodwork in your home or just a single room. The short answer to this question is that it depends on the room, the proximity of the woodwork to the window, and whether your window casings are wood or drywall.
  • Considerations

    The proximity of the woodwork to the windows can be the driving issue when deciding whether to match the wood blinds to the woodwork. If the casings around your window are stained wood, it's a good idea to match the wood for the blinds to the casings.
  • Whether to Buy Locally or Online

    It is easier to match the wood blinds if you buy them locally instead of buying them online. There are color shifts on computer monitors that could mislead you into thinking that the color you are selecting online is the same as your wood casings. If you are buying custom wood blinds locally, you can take a digital picture of the existing wood casing, make sure that the digital image is true to the actual wood color, and bring your camera with you to the store for a true match.

  • Deciding to Get Painted Wood Blinds

    If your wood work is a color that you can't possibly match, you can always choose to get painted wood blinds. Many homes have white wood blinds or shutters that are truly beautiful. The painted blinds go with everything if they are a neutral color and are easy to keep clean. They can be used in a formal room and they look just as nice in casual rooms like family rooms or kitchen nooks.
  • Buying Wood Blinds Online

    If you decide to get painted wood blinds, you can often get better prices on them from an online store than you might be able to get locally. You can also get prices online and submit the offer to a local retailer who might be willing to match the online store's price. Putting all-new wood blinds in your home can be expensive, so looking for the best quality and the best prices can take more time, but it will be well worth it in the end if you can save some money on whole package: the purchase, the shipping and the installation.
  • Should You Install Your Own or Have it Done for You?

    If you are mechanically inclined, you can install your own blinds quite easily. However, if you don't know a screwdriver from a hammer, you might want to ask the store where you are buying the blinds if it will come out to install the blinds as part of the purchase or if it charges extra for this service. Since you will probably be making a sizable investment in your wood blinds, you may want a professional to help you out.
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