Wood Craft Project Using Old Paneling And Wood Scraps

Wood craft project: create cute Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Anytime crafts and decorations using old paneling and woodscraps. Just add a little paint and set your imagination free.

When we moved into our home the walls in all three bedrooms were covered with paneling - old, scratched, faded paneling. Needless to say we decided to take down this paneling. The rooms were small and desperately needed to be brightened up. We got out our flathead screwdrivers and proceeded to pry the paneling off the walls. A great deal of this we discarded in the beginning. It wasn't until later that I began thinking that perhaps these paneling scraps could have other uses. One early autumn day as Halloween was approaching I took a piece of this paneling and drew the outline of a ghost on it in pencil. I then scored this outline several times using a carpenter's knife. I found the paneling quite easy to work with and in no time at all I had a piece of paneling perfectly shaped as a ghost. Not more than an hour later using a little sandpaper, paint and miscellaneous craft supplies I had lying around I had really cute Halloween decoration. Make your own following these easy steps.

Materials needed:

scraps of paneling


acrylic paints



clear acrylic spray

1. Draw the outline of the design you wish to create.

2. Using a carpenter's knife score the outline several times so that you can "snap" your design away from the excess.

3. Using a fine grit sandpaper roughen up the finished side of the paneling and sand the edges until smooth.

4. Decorate your piece. For my ghost I painted the entire piece white with acrylic paint. When the paint was still wet I sprinkled some gold glitter all over it. Once that dried I painted his eyes and mouth and a couple of pumpkins at his feet. I tapped a small nail through the ghost and glued on a small raffia bowtie. (The bow tie added a three dimensional effect and hid the nail hole).

5. When you are finished decorating spray the entire piece with a clear acrylic spray. This protects the finish. You can even hang it up outside!

The possibilities are endless. Make Christmas ornaments for the Holidays. Score small, round wreath shapes or simple Christmas tree shapes and paint. Glue on tiny evergreen twigs, pinecones, dried cranberries and bows. Make birdhouses and embellished Easter eggs in the Springtime. Let your imagination run wild! Decorate your entire house throughout the year using what you would have otherwise have thrown away.

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