Wood Letter Ideas

By F.R.R. Mallory

Wood letters are often sold in home decor and craft stores. The letters are available pre-painted to match the decor of linens and bedroom themes or they can be sold in unfinished wood, ready for the imagination and creativity of the buyer to bring them to life. Many new parents add wood alphabet letters to the nursery walls to help a young child learn to identify the shapes of letters. Large wood letters can also be grouped to spell out meaningful phrases.

Making Letters

Wood letters can be cut using several types of tools. Enlarge the letter you want from a print. Trace the letter onto 1-inch thick wood board. Cut around the shape of the letter with a jig saw, band saw, scroll saw, router or other small, handheld saw. Use rotary tool bits to add details to the letters or help you sand the edges. Make each letter in a different style and size for an area where the letters alone are important.


Carve larger words, word groups or messages by transferring the shape of the letters to a large board and connecting the bottom edges of all of the letters together. This will allow you to cut out significant words and special messages all in one piece. Use pillar-shaped sanding tools to sand the corners and curves before you paint the piece and hang it or place it on a wall.


Spell out the children's names in lettering for their bedroom doors. Children like to feel special and a child's name is very important to him. Encourage the child to select the type of letter shape he prefers. Cut out the letters and sand them until smooth. Prime and then hand paint each letter with acrylic paints using a theme that is special for each child. Often, you can tell a story from one letter to the next and your child will love the importance of how her name has been decorated.


Create a single large letter or monogram. Draw a few monogram designs that merge several letters into one or that add embellishments to a single letter. Enlarge this to 4 feet wide and cut out the letter from a large sheet of plywood. Sand the edges and paint the letter so that it looks like a piece of art. Backlight the letter for a cool modern look.

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