Woodworking Craft Kits for Kids

By Jackie Johnson

Kids naturally enjoy making things, and the process helps them grow and mature. Craft kits for kids give them opportunities to not only put something together, but to have something to decorate using their own ideas and designs. Woodworking kits come in a variety of projects for every skill level and are an ideal way to interest children in using their hands to exercise creativity, with something to show for their time.

Skill Levels

As children grow and mature, their skills improve and they become capable of doing more. When choosing woodworking kits, one of the most important factors to consider is whether the craft is appropriate for the child's skill level. Beginning kits are typically easy to assemble using glue or simple objects for kids to paint and decorate. When shopping with kids for wooden craft kits, it's a good idea to gently move them away from kits that are too complicated for their skill level, which could cause them to become discouraged or frustrated in the process of completing the kit.

Project Types

Children's woodworking kits range from simple plaques for painting and hanging to kits involving making complicated wooden sailboats or dollhouses. The wood in kids' craft kits also varies. Kits made from balsa are lightweight and easy to glue together. Pine and alder are also easy types of wood for kids to work with, since the kits come pre-sanded with few, if any, rough edges that can cause splinters.

Adult Assistance

Supervising younger children when putting together or painting a woodworking kit is essential to help them master the skills before trying it on their own. Placing newspapers or tarps below and on top of the work surface helps contain spills of liquid wood glue or paints. Demonstrating to children how to use tools, such as screwdrivers and hammers, is essential for them to learn proper technique. Using vises or clamps to hold the wood makes it easier for them to master the tool.

Sharing and Giving

To teach the concept of sharing and giving, have the child complete a project from a woodworking kit to give as a gift. This helps them learn about the satisfaction that comes from giving to others. The sense of accomplishment from both making something and giving it as a gift will help them mature emotionally.

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