Wording Samples: Change Of Address Cards

When you and your family move into a new home or apartment, it is always a nice gesture to send your friends and relatives a change of address note with your new contact information.

When you and your family move to a new home or a new apartment, your closest friends and family members will probably be right there alongside you helping you pack and haul furniture across town. You have probably contacted your credit card companies, electric company, phone company, bank and cell phone company to alert them of your new address so bills can be forwarded to the correct place. Since you will have a new home address, it is a great gesture to send out change of address cards to family members and friends so they can keep in contact with you. If you plan on making your own change of address cards to send out, here are some wording samples and templates to get you started.

The Johnson Family is moving on up"¦

to the north side of San Antonio!

Starting December 1st

our new address will be

716 Flatonia Drive

San Antonio, Texas 78228

New Home Phone: 210.555.1212

As you noticed in the above example, the wording includes a date when the new address will be in effect. It is a good idea to include a date, especially if you are sending out change of address cards before the actual move-in date. Also, if your home phone number will be changing (as it most often does), be sure to note your new number, as well. If your phone number is remaining the same, you can also state that on the invitation.

The Neville family is saying bye-bye to apartment life"¦

and hello to their first new home!

Effective July 1st, 2007 the Neville family

can be reached at their new address:

1441 Candy Cane Lane

Stow, Ohio 97898

New Home Phone: 555.555.1212

After a year, our new home is finally built!

The Smith family will move into their new home

on May 21st, 2006

5432 Mount Sinai Drive

Orlando, Florida 75647

See pictures of the home through its progression

At our family website: www.TheSmithHomestead.com

New Home Phone: 312.555.1212

With the advent of technology and the Internet, many families are starting to create their own sites where they can keep an online journal and photographs of the family and home. If you want friends and family members to have access to a site you have developed, this is a great time to give them the website address.

Although we will miss our family and friends in Atlanta,

We are looking forward to our new home and life in Boston!

You can reach us at our new address

effective August 1st

7645 Commonwealth Avenue #2

Boston, Massachusetts 01234

New Home Phone: 201.555.1212

The Newton family will be temporarily

moving until their house is completely built!

Our temporary address will be

718 Pied Piper Drive

Houston, Texas 76345

Temporary Phone Number: 312.555.1212

Our permanent address, effective July 2006 will be

8234 Humphrey Lane

Sugarland, Texas 76378

Many families need to find temporary housing when they are having a home built. Some move into apartments for a few months while others move in with family members or friends. You can send out a change of address card for your temporary move, so you can be easily contacted, that also shows what your new permanent address will be once the final move is complete.

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