Do You Have Workout Tips For Beginners?

Do you have workout tips for beginners? Forget "no pain, no gain" when it comes to starting a workout routine. We don't believe in working out to the point of pain. "No pain no gain" is an old wives tale....

We don't believe in working out to the point of pain. "No pain no gain" is an old wives tale. Pain is your body's way of letting you know you have gone too far, that you're stressing your system too much, especially for the beginner. "No pain no gain" is for athletes and people who have to work through pain for a profession or for body builders. I suggest taking it slow three times a week as a goal for beginners. Strive for your goal, don't strive for five times a week and then feel like you're defeated because you only managed three times in one week. And realize that it's the weight that you're trying to get rid of. The weight that you're working off did not come on overnight and it's not going to come off overnight. So you just have to be diligent in working at it and don't give up.

Q: Should a beginner concentrate on walking first?

That's how I would start or if you could find a program like the YMCA or a circuit training program. When we have ladies who have never worked out before, we have them go around the circuit once. It's just about a 15 minute workout. That's plenty for the first time. And we do that for about a week. And then after the first week we may let them do one whole time around with just 24 stations and then the next time we add the machines which is 12 more stations. They just slowly do that for another week and if there haven't been any problems then they're up to for a full 30 minute workout.

Don't jump into it with both feet and it's best to be able to do it with a buddy who is also just starting out. You need to do it slow because if it's too painful it can cause damage, but also if it's too hard you're not going to go back.

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