Workout Tips: Jump Rope Exercises And Techniques

Basic jumping techniques, and creative exercises for working out and exercising using a jump rope.

Jumping rope has been a playground staple for generations.Nowadays, many adults are relying on their old childhood hobby to get a quick, easy, effective workout.

When jumping rope it is important to remember to not push yourself too hard.Just because children jump rope doesn't mean you can't over do it.Begin with about twenty-five jumps a rep, with a rest between.Gradually shorten your rests as you improve, but it is not advisable to cut them out completely due to the high impact nature of jumping.

Before you begin, you need to choose a proper rope.Almost any you find made for jumping as an exercise will do.The ropes found in toy stores and such are made too light to swing properly.The handles should feel comfortable in your hand when gripped tightly, as to not fatigue your hands.The length is also important.The middle of the rope should fall to about the middle of the back of your ankles.A rope that is not the right length will not swing properly, or may trip you.

Before you begin a jump roping work out, you need to be familiar with the basic jumping techniques. Begin all jumps by holding the rope handles at your sides, with the middle of the rope at your feet.

Basic Jump

Begin with rope behind you.Swing rope over your head, moving hands, and rope, forwards.Jump over rope with feet together.

Reverse Jump

Begin with rope in front of your body.Swing the rope backwards, over your head.Jump over the rope just as you would forwards, keeping feet together.

Jogging Step Jump

Begin as if you were doing a basic jump.When you swing the rope over your head, do not keep feet together.Instead, switch them back and forth, in a jogging motion as you jump.

Criss Cross Jump

Begin as if you were doing a basic jump.When you jump over the rope, bring your left arm over to cross the right.Then bring arm back over.

Twisting Jump

The twisting jump is simply a basic jump, but as you jump, twist your lower body side to side.

Double Under

When you have had some practice jumping, try to move the rope twice under your feet for each jump.With even more practice, you could even get it three or four times under.

After you have mastered the jumps, you can combine them to create a fun, challenging workout.You can also jump in different ways to keep your work out interesting.For example, you could do what is called square jumping:

Use tape to make a square on the floor, or use chalk if on concrete.

Then, divide the square into quadrants. Then, jump around into each square in a clockwise, then counterclockwise, direction. Begin with a basic jump, and then add whatever jumps you wish.

Another thing you could do is try to move a set distance while you jump.You could hop forward each time you did a basic jump, or do a jogging step jump, but move forward instead of remaining stationary.If you do not have the room available, you could do this in a circle.

Alternating legs is also a very good exercise.Try doing ten jumps on your right leg, then ten on your left.Balancing while standing with upright posture during this will help to tone your core muscles, and helps your body all over.

The most important thing is to have fun.Any exercise that keeps you from being bored will keep you exercising.If you find things getting a little dull, mix it up again. With jump roping the possibilities are infinite,

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