Workplace Attitudes And Mindfulness

Workplace attitudes and mindfulness of the situation. Got stress at work? Who doesn't? This article outlines six steps to focus and stay present, to regain peace and a sense of balance.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is paying attention. Sounds simple doesn't it? Unfortunately, most of us rarely pay attention. Our minds wander to the past or worry about the future leaving little time to be aware of the present moment. This can lead to stress. And over time, stress will take its toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Here are some simple strategies to help you manage your stress at work by being mindful.


1. Create rituals. Each day as you park your car at the workplace, be aware of your surroundings. As you get out of your car say some positive words to your self. For example "I will give excellent service today." Or, "I will treat others with kindness today and others will treat me with kindness in return."

2. Be aware of your breath. Each time the phone rings take a deep breath before answering. This will center you and help you to be present to the person calling you.

3. Be aware of your tension. While on the phone, check out where you are holding tension. Gently stretch your tense muscles. If your shoulders are tight, roll them forward a few times and then back.

4. Walk mindfully. Be aware of your feet with each step you take. Choose a word or a short phrase that is meaningful to you. Each time you get up to walk down a hall or to the rest room, repeat your phrase as you walk. Someone who always feels worried may want to say "peace" or "peace of mind".

5. Center. Pay attention to your breathing. Are your breaths short and shallow? Take a deep breath. Then ask yourself, what is my state of mind right now? Are you peaceful, angry, distracted?

6. Listen. Really listen as others are speaking. Look at them, hear their words, and watch their body language. Refrain from speaking until they are clearly done speaking. Give each person your full attention and you will find your relationships will improve and you'll have far less miscommunications on the job.

Try one of these today. Practice as often as you can. You will find that your breathing is easier, your muscles less tense, and that there are many joyful moments to be found in each day.

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