World Cultures: Information On Alaskan People, Heritage And Traditions

Who lives in Alaska? What are the different types of people who live there? Learn more by reading this article.

The Alaska people are made up of a wide variety of ethnic groups. While nearly 75% of the population is white, there are still many native Alaskans.

Native Alaskans are divided in tribes that live in different regions of the state, like the Inuit, the Aleut, the Athabaskan, and the Tlingit. The world of Native Alaskans has been greatly changed with the arrival of modern

culture. However, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act does provide tribes with a large land settlement. These natives make up 15% of Alaska's population. African Americans and Asian Islanders make up about 8%.

The main quality that brings all these groups together is there common sense of independence. Alaskans are a tough people. They are self-reliant.

While Alaska is the large state by land, it is the most sparcely populated. The native Alaskans adapted to the land. While the Eskimos have an Asian look, they have a unique physical type and are unrelated to any other race.

The Eskimos have taught other people how to live in the outlying areas of Alaska. The European settlers, the white population, mainly live in the inland areas and cities. These areas get the most sunlight, and are the least affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder results from the lack of sunlight, and a loss of melatonin in peoples' bodies. When this happens, symptoms of insomnia occur and people crave carbohydrates to replace the chronic blues.

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