When Is It Worth Restoring Your Furniture?

When is it worth restoring your furniture? If a piece of furniture has high market or sentimental value it is worth restoring. You should also restore a piece of furniture if it is an heirloom. Well, if...

Well, if it is a valuable piece, then you restore it. If it's not a valuable piece but it has great sentimental value, you restore. If it's an old piece and it needs a lot of work and there's no sentimental value and it's not valuable, say that it had a good life and it's time to retire. If it has a true market value or sentimental value, then restore it. We have restored a lot of things that have no high market value, but it belonged to the family and it's going to stay in the family. Items like that really should be fixed up and kept in the family, because once its out, the memories are gone. It cannot be replaced. It takes three generations to make an heirloom. The stuff that you have is junk. The junk your mother had is old junk and the stuff your grandmother had is an heirloom.

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