How Would You Clean The Surface Of A Door?

How would you clean the surface of a door? Depending on the surface of the door, whether it is painted or finished or neither, cleaning can be made easy with soap or disinfectant spray. The first thing one...

The first thing one encounters when entering a room is the door. The door is also the first thing your guests see when they visit your home. A clean door means making a good first impression, so cleaning your doors is an important task when it comes to improving the overall appearance of your home.

Doors and doorframes are often neglected when it comes to house cleaning, yet they can accumulate quite a bit of dust and dirt. Door handles, especially, can benefit from frequent, regular cleanings. Not only do they get dirty from constant handling, but a lot of bacteria can breed there causing illnesses to spread among members of your household.

How you clean your door will depend primarily on its type of surface. Melissa Briones, owner of Melissa's House Cleaning in Lawton, Oklahoma, says, "For wood doors and trim, I use wood cleaners to remove the dirt that comes from all of the hands that have touched them. For doors that are not made of wood, I wipe them down with soap and water, the same as the walls. I then spray the doorknobs with a disinfectant spray." Doorknobs get a lot of handling, and so they are prone to collecting bacteria and germs.

Whatever type of door you are cleaning, you should dust it before cleaning with any liquid solution. To make the chore easier, you want to remove any loose bits of dust before beginning a deeper cleaning. Wipe down the door itself and the doorframe too. To complete the dusting process, don't forget to wipe the top of the doorframe. This area is often neglected since it is hard to reach and difficult to see, so a lot of dust and grit can build up there. Decorative doors have even more areas that gather dust, and so all of the nooks and crannies should be wiped out thoroughly with a dry cloth.

When you're ready to do the wet cleaning, be sure you use gentle cleansers on your door. Abrasives can ruin the finish on just about any type of door. Avoid cleaners that are too harsh also. There are cleaners made especially for wood that you can use on wood doors to protect the finish and keep it looking polished.

When you are through cleaning your door, finish the job by rinsing well with clean water. Any cleanser that is left behind can create a sticky residue as it dries and this residue can attract and trap more dust and dirt, requiring you to clean more often. After you have rinsed the area well, dry it thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel. Wood doors, especially, can become damaged if water is left on them for too long. And water being left on any door for too long can damage the finish.

Because a door makes the first impression on people when they enter your home or enter a room, it's important that you not neglect the task of cleaning your doors. As with most household tasks, if you clean your doors regularly it won't become a major chore in the future.

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