What Would It Cost To Put A Water Well On My Property?

What would it cost to put a water well on my property? The cost of putting a water well on your property is determined by the depth of the well and the quality and volume of water needed. That depends on...

That depends on the quality of your water supply, the depth of the well, and your demand. If you just want it for home use, you are going to need a lot less water than someone who wants to keep six acres golf course looking green.

The average well in the nation is 120 feet deep. My average is 700 feet, so my cost is 5, 6, or 7 times more than the national average. My cheapest well would be around $4000, and my most expensive would be around $25,000. Municipal wells can run in the $600,000-$700,000 range depending on what all is needed.

The cheapest is the surface-cased well, while the gravel pack is the most expensive. You drill a larger diameter hole for it, and it's more work-intensive. They range in quality the same way. Surface-cased wells are usually lower quality depending on the formations you have; gravel packed wells are generally the highest quality. If you have a 400 foot surface-cased well in a limestone wall, and your casing is only 20 feet deep, that might be a little bit soft. You have some silting over time and might have to go in every year or every ten years to clean it out.

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