How Would You Install Radiant Floor Heating?

How would you install radiant floor heating? There are two methods of installing radiant floor heating in your home. There are two different ways of doing it. There is either a wet mat system or dry mat...

There are two different ways of doing it. There is either a wet mat system or dry mat system. The wet mat system uses your water heater. First, you would take tubing, and you would install it in the concrete itself. So, you would lay down a concrete system. Then, you would use a wire mesh and you would lay the wire mesh out. Then, you can attach the tubing. The tubing you would want to use is Polyethylene Crossing Tubing. You would connect this tubing to the wire mesh or to the foam board. Then, you would lie it out in a surfing pattern. This is when you would dictate the spacing of the tube. In the typical residential applications, you use spacing of 9 inch on center. For every 9 inches, the tubing is going to lay down in the wire mesh. Typically, you try to cover as much of floor as possible, The only area where you wouldn't want to put the tubing is under cabinets. Obviously, the cabinet will cover the floor. So, you will go around the cabinets. Above that, you would end up poring typical residential concrete at 4 inches thick. The system actually heats up the concrete, which heats up the room. This project is pretty big. You can do the ground work yourself. However, when it comes to the actually mechanical components of it, you would need some typed of expert, such as a plumber or heating contractor.

For the dry mat system, let's say you have a wood frame construction house. You would go down to the first ¾ inch sub floor, and you would lay the climate panel. The panels can come either in 7 inch wide panels or 10 inch wide panels. When purchasing these, you can choose either size depending on the type of heat that you want. It is 48 inches long. You would lay down the climate panels on the ground, and then you would snap your tubing in it. You would walk your tubing into the grooves that are in the climate panels. Since this is just plywood on top, you could put any finish what you want on top of climate panel system. That's what they consider a dry mat system. Throughout the United States, the dry mat system is becoming more popular. There are several different variations of this type of system. This a pretty big project. Dry mat systems are a little bit time consuming, but it is not that hard to install the actual climate panel system.

Both of these methods are not do it yourself projects. You can cut it up the project into two sections. Basically, you can usually do the floor area yourself. However, when the mechanical components of the radiant system come in, you should not try to do it yourself.

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