What Would A Normal Pest Control Treatment Be?

What would a normal pest control treatment be? When you choose your pest control company, ask them specific questions about products and pesticides used. As homeowners, we often put a lot into making our...

As homeowners, we often put a lot into making our homes the very best we can. If and when possible, we try to choose the best furniture, the best linens and the best silverware.

So when it comes to the idea of sharing your home with pests, insects and rodents, most homeowners are willing to do whatever it takes to remove them. The first step that most consumers and homeowners consider when it comes time to remove pest from their home is pest control.

It used to be that pest control consisted mainly of calling a professional out to have his or her company spray chemicals in and around your home. But as technology continues to grow and more and more homeowners are getting information about safer ways to remove pests, the options of having pest removed can range drastically.

Janis Reed has been the training director at ABC Pest and Lawn Service in Austin, Texas, for five years. ABC Pest and Lawn has been in the pest control business since 1949. Reed said that the type of pest control that you use will be mainly based on the company you choose. But whichever company you choose, she said that you should always ask as many questions as possible to ensure the safety of your home and family.

"Every company is going to do it differently," she said. "So that's why when you choose your pest control company, ask them specific questions. You should want to know what kind of products you are going to be using, where are you going to be using them and are you going to be using them in an open area where my pets and children will be accessible to them."

Since pest control safety is continuing to be a huge issue, most experts will advise consumers and homeowners to attempt to remove of the pests without pest control options first. One way to do that would be to increase the cleaning to remove food and scraps greatly reducing the attraction of pests. Removing any nests that the pests have built will help as well. In addition, homeowners should attempt to install physical barriers such as an insect screen or termite caps to keep the pests out.

If your methods of removing the pests end with very little success, then calling up the assistance of a professional should be your next step. But when doing so, many experts will advise homeowners to do as much research as possible to ensure that the company they are dealing with is in good standing.

Also, anyone you hire to provide a pest control service must hold a License to Use Pesticides with the Department of Human Services. Remember to avoid exposure to pesticide chemicals while they are wet and always consider non-chemical pest control as a first option.

"Many pest control companies are going towards integrated pest management," Reed said. "This is using pest control products in cracks and crevices away from where people, pets and children live."

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