Would You Recommend For People To Buy Against Their Home To Start A Business?

Would you recommend for people to buy against their home to start a business? Depending on your own credit, you could collateralize your assets to fund the start up of a business. I wouldn't want to make...

I wouldn't want to make any generalized statements. I think you have to look back at your own liability. When you go into business, you should first be evaluating your ability to repay the loan in the least detrimental way to yourself. So in other words, you get your credit because your interest rate would be lower. For example, collateralization can be in many forms that would a lot of people do use their homes to get initially in with a collateralized loan to finance their business. It's all one and the same, in a sense. Then pay out that loan as quickly as possible and you can use your good credit in the collateral of your business and take your home off of it.

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