What Would You Say Is The Most Famous Album Cover?

What would you say is the most famous album cover? "Sergeant Pepper" by the Beatles is one of the most famous record album covers. "Sergeant Pepper" always seems to rank up there with the most famous image....

"Sergeant Pepper" always seems to rank up there with the most famous image. The music on that album may not even the best when listening to the Beatles. That image is one of the most seen album art pieces ever. I mean if you open pretty much any book, that will be in there and it's not at the very top but it is pretty close to it. Dylan has a couple; "Blonde on Blonde," his 1966 album is a nice big fold up sleeve. It has him in pretty much full body and he is standing there slightly out of focus, and it's pretty cool. The Rolling Stones did a nice rip off of the "Sergeant Pepper" cover on "Their Satanic Majesty's Request." It's sufficiently psychedelic and it's a nice one to look at it. But I would definitely go with "Sergeant Pepper" or "Revolver" or something like that out of the Beatles mid 60s catalogue. But those are the ones that are just kind of held up. It's not just an album of music; it's an album of arts. It is serious art for adults; not just kids taking pop music seriously for the first time I guess.

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