Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Advantages

Advantages of wrinkle-resistant chino shirts include natural fibers, easy care, no ironing, premium cotton, quality and softness.

If you ask a man what his number one priority is when shopping for clothes, chances are he will say comfort.His second answer would probably be anything simple and easy to take care of.

Comfort and easy care are found in natural fibers, and easy care natural fibers are the rage.Make the scene with a shirt that reflects style, good looks and an active, no-nonsense lifestyle when you wear a wrinkle-resistant chino shirt.

Not only can a wrinkle free chino shirt reflect a stylish and well-groomed man, a wrinkle free chino shirt has other advantages as well.


1. A wrinkle free resistant chino shirt is chemically treated to resist wrinkles.That means the guys can wear it right from the dryer without having to iron the shirt.Just hang it up when it finished drying, and it's ready to go when the time comes.That is pretty simple and easy, right?

2. Chino cotton is premium cotton that is brushed to create a softness not found in un-brushed cottons.What could be more comfy than a soft, well-fitted shirt?

3. Manufacturers of wrinkle free chino shirts are generally manufacturers of quality clothing.This means your chino shirt will be well detailed, well sewn, and probably have its seams taped and not open.This indicates a high quality shirt that will make it through a lot of use before it ages.In fact, the buttons will probably chip and need replacing before the collars and cuffs begin to fray.Wrinkle free chino means high quality and a lifetime of wear.

4. Easy-care, wrinkle-free natural fibers save homemakers and single individuals time.No ironing means less time in the laundry room. Although impossible to calculate exactly how much time is saved, consider the number of shirts a man needs over the course of a week and the time it would take to properly iron each one.Use ten minutes or more and multiply it by a total of five or more cotton shirts.You are saving at least one hour or more of time per week by purchasing and wearing wrinkle resistant shirts.What have you been doing with that hour?

5. Fabric sizing stays the same with the wrinkle resistant process.The fabric's wrinkle resistant ability locks in sizing so shrinking sleeves and tight shoulders just don't happen.What you try on in a store is what you take home and wear from that point on.

6. Colors stay strong and beautiful.Fading with this type of fabric is almost non-existent as color retention is strengthened due to the type of cotton used.The color you buy in the store is the color you will wear for a long time to come.

Consumers know a good thing when they see one.They prefer wrinkle resistant clothing to the less expensive cotton/poly blends.Why give up all the free time you have now that you wear wrinkle free chino?

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