How to Write a Birthday Message

Talk about any significant memories or events that you both have shared the past year. For example, if you went on vacation together or helped each other through a rough time, discuss how much you cherish the memories or how much you appreciate what your loved one has done for you. Include your wishes for the person. Big parts of birthdays are the wishes that people make. Write what you wish for the person for the coming year and how you want nothing but the best for him or her. It is always nice to hear how someone wants nothing but the best for you. Write how much your relationship means. Whether you are writing to a family member or a friend, you should make sure to mention what the person and what your relationship together means. People rarely hear how much they are valued, so a birthday card to them would be a good place to start. End with a strong, final line. Sum up what you want for the person and reference their birthday. For example, "May you have the happiest birthday, this year and in every year to come" may be a line you can consider using. Write out the card when you have time to. If you do it when you are rushing, it is going to translate into what you write. In addition, write it out a few days before you actually have to send it so you can write exactly what you want and get the card out on time. Avoid making the card boring and generic. Memories and your personal wishes make the card more tailored to the recipient instead of one that you could send to absolutely anyone. Leave out any personal information about yourself. The recipient's birthday is their day, not yours, and you should treat it as such. Whatever news you have about yourself you can leave for a correspondence at a later date.

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