How To Write Efffective Ad Copy Your Clients Will Love!

You started your own freelance writing business, you found clients and landed a job, now how do you go about writing effective ad copy they'll love? This article tells you how.

You got a job as a freelance writer. You know you can write well, but how can you ensure that your clients will love. You can't"┬Žbut you can better your chances of success by taking a few simple words of advice.

The first step in writing great copy is to do your research. Collect all the published background on your market, your industry, and your product that you can find. This will be the basis for your copy. In order to find this necessary information, you have to know where to look and what to look for. Don't be afraid to ask questions. From your client you can probably get reprints of previously published ads, product brochures, catalog pages, copies of speeches, press kits and releases, user manuals, package copy, testimonials, complaint letters, marketing plans, product specifications, market research studies, back issues of the company newsletter, and samples of the product. On your own you should be able to get examples of competitors' ads, reprints of articles on the product, product reviews, and press clippings.

You will need to study the material you collect from your client, as well as what you collected on your own. Highlight the most relevant information, then type that into your computer. Print this out and you have the basis for your copy. After reviewing the source material, you should write down any questions you still need answered. Have your client answer these questions. You cannot be afraid to ask or you will not have everything you need to write the most effective copy. Here are a few questions you might want to ask:

1. What are the product's features and benefits?

2. Which is the most important benefit?

3. How is your client's product different from the competitor's product?

4. What are the applications of the product?

5. Who will buy the product?

You will likely come up with several more after looking through all of your source material. Once you have the answers to your questions, you should have all the necessary information at your fingertips to write copy your clients will love.

Sometimes, when writing copy, you have to break the rules. The standard rules of the copywriting industry are "Be concise," and "Use short sentences." These rules are great 90% of the time, but sometimes the most effective copy is written by breaking these rules. Short sentences aren't always best. If you want to express complex ideas and putting them into one sentence makes the connection clearer than if you break them up into short, choppy sentences that make the meaning cloudy. You might think short sentences sound conversational, but sometimes they sound unnatural. Being concise is usually a good rule to follow, but not if you have to explain something that some readers might not understand. Being too concise won't ensure that you get your meaning across, so use however many words you need to make sure your audience will follow your meaning.

Just remember, make yourself as knowledgeable about the product you are writing about as possible to ensure great copy. Make sure you do your research and ask any questions you need answered. And know when to break the rules of copywriting. Your clients will love it.

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