How to Write a Letter to Cancel a Credit Card

By Cellina LaForey

  • Overview

    When it comes time to cancel a credit card, it's best to have documented proof of the request. Writing and sending a letter to the credit-card company is an effective method of canceling cards. Because credit-card companies are so large, it's best to take a few precautionary measures when sending one of them a letter requesting that they cancel your card.
    How to Write a Letter to Cancel a Credit Card
    • Step 1

      Confirm the mailing address. Credit companies often have several addresses. The address where you send your monthly payment may be different than the address where you order a new credit card. Similarly, the credit-card company may have yet another address at which they receive cancellation requests. Be sure you send your letter to the right address to expedite your request.
    • Step 2

      Include the pertinent information. Be sure to include in the reference line your name, account number and the date you opened the account. It also helps to include the same information on each sheet of paper of the letter if it runs to more than one page. In the event that the pages get separated, you want to make sure the information is applied to the correct account.

    • Step 3

      Make the letter brief and to the point. If you're not used to writing business letters, don't feel a need to be excessively eloquent. The bottom line is that you want to cancel the credit card, so get to the point early in the letter. After stating that you want to cancel the credit card, it's up to you if you want to explain why. It's not necessary, but if you feel compelled to explain your decision, it's your prerogative to do so.
    • Step 4

      Send the letter via certified mail, return receipt requested. By doing so, you get documented proof of when you sent the letter and when the credit card company received it. File the return-receipt card in a safe place should any questions arise.
    • Step 5

      Follow up for a response. You are not done until you have received a response to your letter to cancel the credit card. Sending the letter is only half of the battle; don't rest until you receive confirmation from the credit-card company that the card has been canceled..
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    • Tip: Scour your letter for typos. Make sure you typed in the correct account number. Making a mistake with an account number can seriously delay the process.
    • Warning:
    • Make sure you don't have an outstanding balance when you send the letter to cancel your credit card. If you do, send a check for the outstanding balance along with your letter.

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