How To Write A Small Business Values Statement

Establish a set of values by which to operate your company and watch your client base and profits steadily increase.

Starting a company is easy. Keeping it going is hard.

If you are a small business owner and want to mainstream your company as it grows, consider adopting a set of quality performance values by which to conduct everyday procedures. Customers who appreciate your integrity will reward you with repeat business and word of mouth recommendations to others. Consumers everywhere respect an organization that takes a stand for decent values.

How do you choose values? Simply decide which behaviors are important to the way you do business. Adopt these as a code of honor for everyday tasks from the mundane to the critical. Make sure that everyone in the company knows, agrees with, and abides by the operational values. Employee morale may increase as a posted values statement calls everyone to put their best foot forward in doing a top notch job. They will enjoy serving a reputable organization.

To establish your company's operational values, ask all staff members to send suggestions to the person who will be responsible for collecting and organizing responses. Set a deadline so you can complete this project in a timely manner. You may want to post a list of ideas like the following to give your employees something to think about as they formulate their own ideas about the company's intrinsic values:




-customer satisfaction

You may want to derive key words or concepts from a mission statement, slogan, or lotto that already has been created and is in use. If you don't have these yet, consider adding these tasks to your agenda for promoting a strong, professional, public image:

-The company that cares

-Where the client comes first

-Making community safety a priority

-The store that goes the extra mile to save you time

Invite employees to come up with their own notions of operational standards and objectives. When these have been forwarded to the person who will coordinate them, the ideas that surface repeatedly or those that seem to serve the company's forward-looking interests can be coordinated into a list of the top three or four values statements for further consideration.

The next step is to circulate the new list to all staff members, again inviting feedback or editing within a specific timeframe. After this second round is complete, the coordinator should be able to tweak the results to produce a final values list or statement that will reflect company goals. Inviting feedback and circulating drafts helps to promote a sense of shared decision making within the organization.

When your values statement is ready, announce it with fanfare. Publish it in the newsletter, on the Web page, and in company documents. You may want to include it on organizational stationery. Larger companies often frame missions and values statements for placement in a conspicuous location for customer awareness. It might be helpful to publish a short piece in the community newspaper or send a press release announcing your new set of values, which will send the message that you are a company that cares about its reputation, its quality performance, and its customers.

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