How To Write A Successful Resume

Learn how to write a successful resume to get your dream job.

If you are the type of person who excels at job interviews, either by telephone or in person, but you find it difficult to get accepted for an interview because your resume does not quite reach the expected standards, then look no further. With years of experience in recruitment sections of large companies, I can offer you advice that will assist you in claiming an interview for your dream job.

The first step you must take is to study the advertisement for the position you wish to apply for. Many people just take a quick glance at these advertisements and then write what they feel is best to reach the stage of an interview. Read the advertisement carefully as many employers ask you to address a selection criteria. Your resume will be knocked back if you do not address these criteria's, as it is a vital way for employers to short-list their applicants.

A selection criteria is a list of requirements needed for the vacant position. An example of one might be, "Must have experience using Excel and Word". To address the selection criteria use the criteria as a heading, then write a short paragraph explaining why you are competent in this field. There are usually between 5 to 10 criteria's for the position listed in order of importance. If you don't meet the criteria for the first few listed then there is a good chance you aren't suited for the position.

There are many positions advertised which do not use a selection criteria but ask you to write a brief summary to describe your qualifications and experience. When writing this cover sheet, I highly recommend you do not use the word "˜but'. Only mention details about yourself that you excel in. You have to sell yourself so your cover sheet must sound positive and full of confidence. An example is the requirement for having a degree in science. Mention only those subjects you excelled in and enjoyed, do not mention subjects that you failed in and had to repeat to obtain your degree. Remember you are applying for a position you know you can meet the standards of. If you aren't confident in chemistry or physics you won't be applying for a position that requires you to use these subjects. Your cover sheet must reflect a positive and confident attitude.

When writing a resume, include your personal details, qualifications, experience, and a list of referees. Take time to design your resume respectfully. Your first page should include your personal particulars, such as name, address, contact details, whether you have a driver's license and your citizenship. You can add details such as personal hobbies and interests if they are relevant to the position. You only need to mention your date of birth if the position you are applying for is restricted by age. If you are asked to send in a photo of yourself it is a good idea to have one taken at a professional studio. Photographers can help cover up those bags under your eyes and assist you with make-up and hair styling.

Your second page should list your qualifications. List these qualifications in date order with the most recent one placed at the top of the page. You do not have to go into great detail. If you have a degree in Science, mention where the degree was achieved, what year it was completed, and a list of units completed which are relevant to the position you are applying for. There is no need to mention units you did not pass.

The next section will be a listing of your work experience. As with your qualifications, list these in date order starting with the most recent. Again you do not have to go into great detail about your previous positions. You can describe them in greater detail when you are interviewed. Mention the name of the company you worked for, the date you worked there, the position you held and an inclusion of duties you carried out. You do not need to mention your reasons for leaving a position.

The last section of your resume should be a list of selected referees. Write the name of the company, the name of the referee, the position they held and a contact phone number. Do not include a referee who you had past disagreements with.

As an optional page for your resume, write a short summary about your work experience. This suits people who have extensive word processing experience as you can list items such as the software packages you have used, your typing and shorthand skills and the use of other office equipment such as a dictaphone and a switchboard.

Your resume and cover sheet must reflect a confident and positive attitude. You have to tell your potential employers that you are the best person suited for the position.

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