How To Write A Thank You Card

How do I write a thank you card? Read this article and learn how.

A thank you card is necessary after you have been a guest at someone's house for dinner, stayed at their house as an overnight guest or longer, received a gift such as flowers, or received any sort of significant kindness and generosity. By significant this means that a thank you card is not necessary if a door is held open for you or some other small act of kindness is performed. A verbal thank you would be enough in this case.

Writing a thank you card is a burden for most people and some will even try desperately to get out of it or just ignore it altogether, but it should not be this way. People deserve to be thanked for their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. You expect to be thanked, too, don't you?

How do you go about writing a thank you card? You simply start by taking a few minutes of your time and sitting down at the table. You can purchase a pre-written card which will make it easier for you. Or you can start with a blank card or a sheet of paper and compose your own original card, note, or letter to the person to whom you owe thanks.

Think about the necessities of the card or note, and what you want to say. Of course you will start with the phrase "Dear (the name of the person)" and then go from there. Be sure to write down in your thank you card the type of gift or service that they gave you or performed for you. That is, if Aunt Mildred gave you a toaster for your wedding, then specifically thank her for the toaster she gave you as a wedding present. Do not just thank a person for the present as that is too general and it makes it sound like you do not really remember what gift they gave you or what they did for you.

Tell the giver how you will use their gift. If it was money tell them for example that you are going to put it towards the purchase of a new coat for the winter. This makes the giver feel good by letting them know what you are going to do with their gift. Or, if the gift was a waffle iron, for example, tell the giver that you and your family will enjoy hot, fresh waffles and will think of him/her every time you use it. This isn't a lie, you know, as most people are reminded of the giver every time they use or look at something that someone else bought or gave them.

Finally, end your card or note with another thank you and then you can properly sign off your card or note. Remember to personalize the card to the person who will receive it. Don't make it sound like it's a card that anyone could receive. Let them know how much you appreciate their generosity. And above all, take the short amount of time it takes to sit down and write that thank you card that you have been putting off. You will be glad that you did, and the receiver will, too.

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