Writing A Letter Of Complaint

Writing a letter of complaint can be effective. Have you been less then impressed by a product or service? In this article I will discuss how to write a letter to a company to get the results you deserve.

Occasionally we find ourselves on the receiving end of a defective product, company error, or poor service. This experience can be so infuriating that we feel we must mention it to someone in charge and have the situation rectified. However, many of us choose instead to swear off a company or product altogether simply because we lack the skill and confidence to express our disappointment. This is a small tragedy since many businesses are fully prepared to remedy any problems that arise. With a little know-how, you will be able to get the results you deserve and find happiness in the consumer world.

The most important step to customer satisfaction is the need for you to act immediately. Not only do most companies have a fourteen-day return policy but you may need to recall details of your transaction and you will need to act while the events are fresh in your mind. Before you sit down to write your complaint letter, ensure that you have made photocopies of all pertinent information such as product and postage receipts, warranties or contracts, as you will need to back up your request with tangible proof. Before composing the letter, take a moment to think about how you want the situation to be rectified. You must clearly outline your demands for the company to be given the proper opportunity to please you. Do you want your money back, a replacement product or perhaps credit applied towards your account? Once you are certain of your request you will then be ready to compose your letter.

It is not necessary to know the name of the person that will be receiving your letter, so it will be quite acceptable to address your letter; "To whom it may concern". When relating the information, stick to the facts only. No need to get insulting. Your letter only needs to be a few sentences long, just enough to get the point across. State the "when" first, followed by the "what" and the "how". A sample letter is shown below.

To whom it may concern,

On April 1 2000 I received a book entitled, "How To Write A Complaint Letter." by the author XXX. I believe I was shipped this book in error as I had ordered the book "How To Write A Love Letter" by the author YYY on March 15 2000 and to date I have not received the book. I am returning this book and including my postage receipt. Please credit my account the amount of the postage and send me the book I had originally ordered entitled "How To Write A Love Letter" by YYY, product-number 011011.

Yours Truly,

Your Name Here

Account number 777 777.

The "when" in this example is April 1 2000. The "what" is the situation of the shipping error and the "how" is the credit on account for postage and a second request for the desired book to be sent. The complainant will include the postage receipt and a copy of the original order form, proving she ordered the book in the correct manner. The complainant should also photocopy the letter for her records.

If you give a company the opportunity to right a wrong, many times they offer their customer an additional bonus such as a gift certificate, coupon or free product. I have written complaint letters to several companies and have always received the results I expected as well as a few unexpected extras. If you take the time to express your dis-satisfaction, many companies will not only meet your requests but will thank you for giving them the opportunity to do so. While you have your pen and paper out, why not take the time to commend a company or sales person that made an effort to please you? It will do your heart good to know you gave someone a boost.

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