Writing Marriage Vows

Learn how to write your own marriage vows using a simple format based on traditional marriage vows.

It is a new trend for couples to divert from the traditional marriage vows and write their own.Some brides may encounter a reluctant groom when bringing up writing their own vows.It is much easier if the bride gives the groom some help.A simple format that gives the groom an idea of what to say can make him more willing to write his own vows.He may actually have them written before the ceremony and not be "making it up as he goes" while standing at the alter.While that may make for a comedic wedding, brides may find giving a little help never hurts.

The traditional marriage vows, said when exchanging the rings, are a great format to follow when writing your own vows.Break the vows down into sections and create your own words based on the traditional wording.For the purpose of this example it will be written as the groom's vows.

Section One: "I, John Doe, take, Jane Buck, as my wedded wife"

This section is saying that the groom want to get married to the bride.Here is where you can describe how you see your bride.Make a point to tell her with love.

Example: "I, John Doe, take this ravishing red-headed beauty, Jane Buck, to be my one and only, the Simon to my Garfunkel, my wife"

Section Two: "to have and to hold from this day forward"

Here is the part that says you are serious. You are making the commitment.Take the liberty to play up any commitment phobia you may have had.Let her know this is the real deal and there is no backing out now.

Example: " to be mine for eternity, that means forever - I promise, honey, no backing out"

Section Three: "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health"

For this section you can just add personalized descriptions for each phrase or you can tell a story. You can become a little creative here and really use this part to make the vows your own.Tell about when you first knew you loved her or about when you asked her to marry you.If you have had a comedic tone, like done here, you can switch to a more serious one here if you like.

Example: "when you are looking like a runway model and when you are in your worn out jeans and holy tee cleaning the toilet, when you have a big wad of cash in your wallet and when the only thing in your wallet is a stick of gum, no matter what the highs and lows are"

Section Four: "to love and to cherish, till death do us part"

I strongly suggest that if you have been humorous throughout the rest of your vows that this is the time to become serious. The point here is the end where you seal the deal.You are pledging yourself to her "till death do you part".

Example: "I will love you with every breath I take, every beat of my heart. I will love you with every fiber of my being and my every thought will contain a piece of you.I will love you until my time on earth is through and then my soul will carry that love for eternity.

Rewriting traditional vows is quite simple and can be finished quickly.A helpful hint is to have a thesaurus handy to help provide ideas of alternate wording.It is not necessary to be humorous as was done here. Try any style that feels natural to you.The point of writing your own vows is to add emotion and to personalize your wedding ceremony.When finished the vows should sound like something you would naturally say.Make the vows your own.

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