What Is The Xeriscape?

What is the xeriscape? Xeriscaping is best described as water efficient landscaping and can consist of many kinds of plants. Xeriscaping is water efficient landscape. I think one of the largest misconceptions...

Xeriscaping is water efficient landscape. I think one of the largest misconceptions about the xeriscape is that it is cactus and rock. xeriscaping has some basic design principles. The first thing you want to do is reduce water use and you do that by good design. Do a soil analysis in plants that adapt best to that particular soil pH analysis. Usually, in xeriscaping they have a small amount of turf, and if it is turf, it is a native turf like buffalo grass. You want irrigation that is efficient. People may put in a drip system instead of the spray because the drip system goes straight to the root system. You don't have to worry about over spray and evaporation. For those that don't know, a drip system is basically a tube that is put underground and has small emitters that emit a set amount of water and it saturates the soil. So, it waters from the ground rather than from the top of the soil down.

The use of mulch is critical in xeriscaping because the mulch will help keep moisture underground. It suppresses weeds. It also keeps the soil temperature consistent. Xeriscaping can produce some good-looking flower beds. They are not just your typical cactus and gravel flower garden. In this area, a perennial garden could be considered xeriscaping. If we have the growing condition for perennials in this particular spot, then that would be considered xeriscaping. As long as that design is water efficient and it is planned to reduce water use, it is considered xeriscaping. Texas native perennials like Blackfoot daisies, Zexmenia, Pavonia, Winecups- all of those would use a small amount of water. All of those would do well here. The buffalo grass can grow well all summer without watering and it would survive; it may go dormant due to the heat and lack of water, but it would survive. So, that would be considered xeriscape.

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