Yard Sale Tips For A More Profitable Venture

Having a yard sale can be fun and very profitable. You must be organized to have a succesful Yard Sale. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Having a yard sale can be so much fun. It can also be very profitable if you take the time to learn a few tips. I have a yard sale each year in the Fall. Its always cooler weather then and it makes it so much more comfortable. I collect things all year to put in my yard sale. I store them in my garage. Then, in November I have my yard sale. I use the money I make for Christmas gifts.

First, gather up all the things that you plan on putting in the yard sale. Put price tags on everything that you're going to sell. This will prevent people from asking the price for something. You can buy little stick on dots at any pharmacy for only a couple of dollars. They come in bright colors so they can be seen easily.

Make some Yard Sale signs. I've found that a white background with red letters works great. Place them on the corners of the streets near your house. If you have a major street near you be sure and place one on that corner. You can also place an advertisement in the local newspaper for a small charge. Do not put your phone number in the ad. Put your address so that people can find your yard sale

Try to place all the items in the yard sale in places that they can be seen easily. Make the display of your items neat and orderly.

You may have some items that are not easy to price but they do have value. Place them all in a basket or in a group and make a sign with one price for all the items. You'll be surprised at how many people will be interested in these articles.

If you take the time to do these simple things you can make a lot of money in just one weekend.

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