What Is Yarrow Plant - The Herb With Multiple Uses

What is yarrow plant? It is an herb touted for its numerous therapeutic qualities and many people don't realize that yarrow can be used in cooking.

Yarrow is touted for its numerous therapeutic qualities. Its botanical name is derived from Achilles, the Greek hero. This herb needs to be planted in a sunny location in average, well-drained soil. It grows up to two feet in height. Other than yarrow, this plant is also known by the names of woundwort, staunch-weed and knight's milfoil.

Many people don't realize that yarrow can be used in cooking. The young leaves are said to be very nutritious and can be used in salads. It has also been used in the brewing of beer instead of rose hops.

Yarrow has endless medicinal properties. When made into a tea, which is used from the entire plant, it has a powerful effect on the immune system. It is also used to reduce fevers, as a blood purifier, as a method to combat depression and kidney disorders to name a few. It is advised to drink yarrow tea in moderation as a person can suffer from the side effects if yarrow is used too frequently.

Yarrow has also been used as a cool wash for chapped hands and when applied to the face, it can rid the pores of excess oil. To make the wash, you need to brew the yarrow in a tea and leave it to cool. If yarrow tea is used too frequently, the skin will become sensitive to light, so use with caution.

While Yarrow helps other plants resist adverse conditions, it is a wonder compost activator.

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