Yoga Positions

Yoga positions. Popular yoga positions include the Trikonasana, the Downward Facing Dog, and the Mukha. One of the most common poses has a hard name: Trikonasana, which is a Hindu word, is the triangle-pose....

One of the most common poses has a hard name: Trikonasana, which is a Hindu word, is the triangle-pose. For the triangle pose, you would be standing with straight legs. You would be turning one foot to the left, the other foot at a 45 degree angle and would feel an alignment with the back arch. The arms are out to the side and you have a lifted pelvic wall. You would turn your head to look over the extended arm and reach isometrically up from the upper shoulder and then pinwheel the arm down the inside the thigh and slide down towards the knee. Some people go straight down to the floor with this pose and their right arm up in the sky, so you are effectively standing in a triangle. In some types of classes, you will hold that pose for long periods. I don't do that. We stay there until we feel the energy flowing through the arm conduit, then I let them either come back up or reach the arm out and over to swoop themselves back to an upright position. Then we do it all again on the other side.

Another common pose is the warrior position. The reason for the word warrior is that we are competing with ourselves rather than with each other. The concept of the warrior is that I am strong and I am magnificent. I am focused in mind, body, and breath in this present moment. You can see how this would benefit over time if you are doing this at every class. It brings you into that concept that you are together. We have a warrior 1 and a warrior 2. Warrior 1 is in that same triangle shape. Your arms are pulled up overhead, and you are looking at the point between the eyebrows. For the warrior 2, the arms come down to either side. You can find a picture of this in just about any yoga magazine.

Another pose would be the bridge pose where you would be supine on the floor, with your knees bent, covered in double V, and your hands down by your hips. You lift the buttocks up so that you are making a bridge out of your spine. It is called Setu Bandhasana and is another Hindu name.

Downward facing dog is also a very common pose. Mukha is the hare pose, and Sashankasana where you are leaning forward, is a child's pose. Another is a camel pose called Ushtrasana where you are on your knees and look like you are doing a back bend when your head goes back, and you are pushing up towards the ceiling.

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