Do It Yourself: How To Build A Cd Rack

You don't have to be the next Ty Pennington to build your own cd rack. The process is easy and simple enough for a beginner.

First things first. What size do you what your cd rack to be? Will it be free standing, wall mounted or will it be able to function in both capacities? Now that that's settled, what will it be made of? Materials range from the typical such as wood and metal to the unconventional such as p.v.c. (polyvinyl chloride) pipe, glass or m.d.f. (medium density fiberboard). Let's say that you want a small wall mounted cd rack that's 12"x12" and wood is your material of choice. Now what? There are a list of things you'll need to complete your project. You can pick them up at your local home improvement store.

What you'll need:

1). Lumber. A 60" 1 x 4 should work well.

2). Miter saw or table saw. If you don't want to buy a saw, borrow or rent one.

3). A standard tape measure or carpenter's rule

4). A bar clamp to hold the wood in place while you nail it.

5). Paint or stain

6). Nails and hammer or a nail gun. Make sure to get the right size nails for the thickness of the lumber. Having nails that are too long or too short can waste time, money and test your patience!

A word about assembly:

Although using nails is probably the easiest way to assemble your rack, there are other choices. You could use biscuit joints or even the tongue and groove method. Biscuit joints are small, usually oval shaped pieces of wood. There are about 2" long and maybe a ΒΌ" thick. They are placed into a groove that has been cut out of both pieces of wood. This allows them to snap or join together. The tongue and groove method is much like wood flooring, in that one piece of wood will be concave and the other will be convex. If done properly, your project will fit together beautifully. These methods are viable options, however, they may be a bit too advanced for a beginner. So stick with the basics.

Let's get started:

On the 1 x 4 make the appropriate marks using the tape measure or carpenter's rule and a pencil. You can make your rack using a 90 degree angle or a 45 degree angle. Using the saw, make the simple 12" cuts. There are four in all. Always remember to wear safety glasses. Now, here comes the "hard" part; putting it together. Take the bar clamp and secure the first two pieces of wood together. Using the nail gun or hammer and nails, nail the pieces together. Continue this method until all four pieces are together. Voila! There you have it: an instant cd rack. Of course you'll want your cd rack to be aesthetically pleasing and that's where the paint or stain comes in. While using a stain can enhance the natural beauty of wood, paint offers more variety of color. The choice is yours. One thing is certain, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment for having created something that is beautiful and practical with your own hands.

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