Do It Yourself: Build Your Own Custom Built Entertainment Center Wall Unit

Get rid of the clutter and start building your own home entertainment center wall unit. This can be a valuable addition to your home.

Look all around you at your cluttered room and generous wall space and envision all of the endless possibilities. Building your own entertainment wall unit is quite rewarding. Not only will it help rid all the clutter in your room but it will help organize your home as well. The best part of it all is that you designed it and built it yourself. When you consider designing your own entertainment center unit take into consideration what you want stored and displayed on this unit. Do you want it to hold your television, DVD player, VCR equipment, or your collectibles?

Start with the base. You may want to consider using a bathroom sink front for your base cabinet if your unit is going to be recessed. This will make a great start for your unit as they come in a variety of sizes and colors. You can purchase this from a cabinet company to make it look like a professional cabinet maker designed your unit. You can purchase this to match other cabinets in your home. However, if your cabinetry is not going to be recessed, you may want to choose a full base cabinet.

You can also consider creating your unit from a piece of furniture (an old armoire or wardrobe would work nicely). Keep in mind that if you modify an antique piece it can greatly reduce its value. Determine the overall height of your unit so you can purchase the right shelving material. Do you want mirrors installed behind your shelves to show off your collectibles? Once you have determined the overall design of your unit begin by installing your base cabinet. Install a counter top over the top of the base. Be sure to purchase a roll of matching edge banding when you buy your material. Glue the edging material to your countertop.

Next you want to install shelves above the base. Adjustable shelves are nice because as your likes and dislikes change you can make your shelves different heights to accommodate whatever you want to put on them. Pre-drilled melamine shelf board works nice for the sides. Attach this to the counter top with the pre-drilled holes facing in. If you unit is recessed, nail or screw these sides to your wall.

Measure and cut your shelving boards. Nail or screw them in place. If desired install shelf support pegs. Install additional shelf supports, if your shelves will be holding anything heavy. Cover the front edge of all shelves and side panels with matching edge banding. If you have decided to install mirrors, put them in place.

If so desired, install lights to show off your collectibles. If you are going to have electronic equipment plugged in, take into consideration if you have enough plug-ins. Add matching crown molding to the top of the unit if desired. All that is left to do is start filling up your new unit with all of those books that are lying around and getting rid of all the clutter.

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