Do It Yourself: How To Build An Under Counter Drawer

An under counter drawer can create extra storage space and can easily be built by using some basic woodworking skills. Find out how by reading these tips and step-by-step instructions for building and installing one yourself.

If you need a drawer built for under a counter, you can easily make one in just a few hours' time with a few materials and some basic tools.

To start this project, you'll need to measure the opening where the drawer is going to fit into. Let's say, for example, that it measures thirteen inches wide, is seven inches tall, and is nineteen inches deep. The drawer will need to be one inch less all the way around. This is so it will fit into the opening and move freely back and forth. So, using the example, the drawer will need to measure approximately twelve inches wide, be six inches tall, and eighteen inches deep.

The second step is to begin building the under counter drawer by starting with the sides. Drawers can be built with most any type of wood, including pine, plywood, maple, oak, or cherry. Whatever type of wood you choose needs to be a quarter of an inch thick. You'll need to measure two pieces for the sides. They should be about eighteen inches long each, and be six inches wide.

The third step is to measure and cut out another piece of the wood. This will be the back, so it needs to be twelve inches long and six inches wide. Place the back and the sidepieces together and use a good quality wood glue to secure them at the corners where they meet. Then, use small brads to secure the corners together; wipe off any excess wood glue.

The fourth step is to measure the bottom of the base of the under counter drawer. Use these length and width measurements to cut a solid piece of lumber that will fit across the bottom. If one solid piece won't fit, then you can use two or more pieces of wood. Then, use more wood glue to secure the bottom to the base. Use small brads to secure the bottom to the base, and wipe off any excess glue.

Now that you have most of the frame done, it's time to add the front panel to the drawer. The front panel of the under counter drawer will need to be an inch wider and taller than the rest of the drawer. Following the example, it will therefore need to be seven inches tall and thirteen inches wide.

The fifth step is to measure and cut out the front panel out of wood. Then use a router or a power sander to round down the edges of the panel until they are smooth. You can make the positioning of the front panel onto the drawer an easy task. Just use a ruler and a lead pencil to measure and mark an inch in from the edge of each side.

Then, place some good-quality wood glue on the edges of the drawer. The next step is to place the front panel onto the rest of the under counter drawer. Line up the edges of the drawer with lines you marked; press down firmly. You should clamp the front panel in place until the wood glue dries.

After the wood glue has thoroughly dried, the sixth and final step is to use a drill and a screwdriver to add a handle onto the front of the under counter drawer.

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