Do It Yourself: How To Build A Wedding Pergola

Planning a romantic and scenic outdoor wedding on a budget: Learn how to build a pergola yourself with these tips, techniques, and ideas for fragrant flowers and decorations.

What can compliment a romantic outdoor wedding even more than saying your vows under a beautifully decorated pergola adorned with roses or other fragrant flowers?

A pergola, or aroom without walls, can be built by someone with a little carpentry know how. The concept of a pergola is very simple - it is any arbor or passageway of columns that supports trellis work or a roof.An addition of climbing plants can be trained to grow on the sides of your pergola.Take into consideration the growing time of your plants if you want them big enough or in bloom for your wedding day.

Start by deciding on the design you would like to build.It can be something simple or it can be something very elaborate.Pick the location in your yard where you would like it to be placed.Do you want this installed in a garden or on top of a hill with a view?Remember that it can add shade for a very sunny patio without blocking out the sun entirely.

Once you have decided on your design you are ready to purchase your supplies and begin breaking ground.My husband and I built a large pergola style grape arbor a few years ago.We began our project by installingfour inch by four inch by twelve foot long treated lumber posts first. We started by digging a hole for each post that was forty-eight inches deep.Once the posts were positioned in the holes, we poured concrete in each hole to anchor them.When we were pouring the concrete, we left a little room on top so we could fill it in with dirt after the concrete was completely set.We put a sheet of lattice on the top of the four posts and ran pieces of lattice up the sides to hold the grape vines.We finished out the top with small pieces of lattice to make the design look complete.We also incorporated benches into our design so we couldsit on them in the evenings when we wanted to watch the sun go down.

With ours, we planted grapes because I wanted the look of grapes hanging from the top through the trellis.When we have grapes growing on our plants you can not imagine how beautiful and fragrant it is.You can smell the grapes before you even get near the pergola.To achieve this it took some time.It takes a few years for the grape plants to grow nice size vines and to produce grapes.You will need to think about things like that when you decide what type of plants you want around your pergola, if you want plants.Some recommended climbing plants would be wisteria, trumpet vine, or passion vine.

What can add more pleasure to your special day than having the joy of knowing that you built your own wedding pergola?All brides dream of a wedding that is unique and memorable.Adorn your pergola with embellishments that your guests will be talking about for months after the wedding.

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