Do It Yourself: Ceiling Texture Repair

You have a damaged ceiling that needs repair. Here are some helpful tips, products and instructions that will let that textured ceiling look as good as new.

Imagine you are moving a large piece of furniture and somehow you manage to bang it into the ceiling, and you have scraped off a place in your textured finish. This is an all too common problem and it is easier to fix than one might think. All you need is some materials and a little bit of know how and no one will ever know that you put that little mark on the ceiling.

There are several different products out that are used to put texture on a ceiling. Usually you can look at your ceiling and tell what was used. If there appears to be some lines with your texture then it was probably applied with a roller. This compound can be purchased in a can and goes on just like you are painting a room. There is one that looks like popcorn; this product usually comes in a can and is sprayed on the ceiling. Some of the textured finishes have a design and are what some called stomped. You will have to find a special tool that makes the design and press it into the ceiling. Remember ceiling texture is thick and will stick to your furniture and is usually hard to remove from the furniture.

The first thing you need to do is to clean the area that needs to be repaired. You will need a scraper of some sort to scrape the old compound from the area. The area you clean should be larger than the original scratch, by a couple of inches at least. Make the area a square or rectangle with straight lines; they are easier to work with.

To repair a ceiling that was originally done by using a textured paint all you have to do is buy the same paint in the same color and re-paint it. You will have to get a roller made for this type of paint, but they are not that expensive and easy to find. The only problem with this technique is that not all paints will match exactly the same. You might find that it will be easier to paint the entire ceiling or to just try to dab paint on the scratch instead of trying to fix a large area.

If you are trying to fix a ceiling that was textured using a compound then you need to find out what the original compound was and make some of your own. Sometimes this compound comes in a can at the local home improvement store; you just have to ask them. If it is a pretty design you will put the compound on smooth and then put the design in the compound matching the rest of the ceiling. If the rest of the ceiling looks like it was put on with a roller then get a fat fluffy roller made for this compound and put is on in one nice coat. This should be allowed to dry for a couple of days before painting.

If you are trying to fix a ceiling that has a popcorn texture it is easy but really messy. You can get the ceiling mix and a spray container at your local home improvement store. You can also get the popcorn already prepared and ready to spray at some of the stores as well. As I stated earlier this can be messy but be prepared. You should make sure that there is either nothing in the room that you are spraying or that everything is completely covered. Also it might be a good idea to wear a poncho or rain jacket yourself while using this product. All you have to do it point your sprayer or can at the area that needs to be re-covered and spray. If you need to paint you should let this product dry for a couple of days.

All of these techniques will work for small scratches or even if you have to replace a large part of the ceiling. All you need is a bit of confidence and maybe a little help from your local improvement store. All will go well and it will look great.

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