Do It Yourself: Construction Project Cost Estimating

A list of estimated costs on the following home improvement projects: kitchen remodeling, living room, bathroom and bedroom redecorating, basement waterproofing, roof repair, building a deck, installing siding, and installing a furnace heating system.

The price of various construction projects can vary quite a bit, depending upon where you live. Other estimate factors are whether or not you'll be doing some or all of the work yourself, what season it is, and if it will take one guy or several to complete the project. Of course, if it's a big job that will take 3 or 4 workmen and 2 or 3 months to complete, the price can become somewhat astronomical, but for smaller jobs, expect to pay $50 to $150 per hour for each workman, per day, plus additional expenses for the materials. Here are some specific construction price estimates:

Remodel Kitchen:

To have new cabinets, new floor covering, paint, counter top work, and fixture repair or replacement, the price of a new kitchen is about $2500 if you'll be doing some or most of the work yourself, but $7500 and up to hire professionals. If your kitchen is average size, this is a good estimate, but if you have a particularly large kitchen, that price could double, especially if you choose expensive cabinets and floor covering.

Living Room and Bedrooms:

For new carpet, paint or wallpaper, floors replaced and ceilings painted, expect to pay about $1200 to $1500 for materials and labor.

If you need technical work done, like installing a fireplace in a wall, look to pay $4500 or more, but should include all materials.


For new fixtures, counters and cabinets, floor, floor covering, paint or wallpaper, this job could cost upwards of $1500. This estimate is for an average size bathroom, but if you have a large bath and you'll want extensive work, such as tiling, that price could easily double.

Other Interior Projects:

To have paneling installed in your entire house, $1000 for materials and an additional $5000+ for labor. To have an entire house carpeted, $1500 is a good estimate for the carpeting, and an extra $1000 or more for labor, depending upon the size of the rooms.


Waterproofing: approximately $1250+ if no repairs are needed, but this price should include the waterproofing materials.

Sure-lock the basement walls: $1250+ and price should include the materials.

If blocks or bricks are cracked or damaged beyond minor repairs, this job can run into a lot of money. For one entire wall to be replaced, $2500 is a low estimate for a small wall, but can run up into many thousands if it's a large wall.


For a new furnace and all new duct work, this will run you about $1500 to $5000 for the furnace and an additional $1500+ for the installation, depending upon the size of the house.


If only shingles are needed, expect to pay $30 per square for labor and an additional $800 for shingles, for about an 800 square foot roof. If old shingles must be removed, you'll pay about $50 per square plus the shingles.


To have a new deck built, stained and water-sealed, including steps and handrails, this job will run about $2500 and up. This price will vary considerably if the deck will be huge or if it will be very tiny. Add an additional $2,000 if you will be having a roof put over the top of the deck.


To have new vinyl siding installed, plan on spending $3500 for a small house and up to $10,000 for a large house. If you'll re placing the windows too, allow an additional $100 per window.

To have an outbuilding put in, with no windows and one door, this should run about $1000 to $2500. With electricity added, tack on another $500.

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