Do It Yourself Craft Projects For Kids: Thanksgiving Party Favors

Here you'll find easy directions so kids can make unique Thanksgiving Day party favors. Included are simple directions for treat containers and place holders.

Thanksgiving is a special time for families and friends to come together and show appreciation for everything dear to them. What better way to show your appreciation than to make some festive Thanksgiving party favors for your guests or your classmates.

You can make a cute Thanksgiving Day turkey placeholder for each guest. For this project you will need sheets of yellow, orange, brown, red, and green craft foam, plastic craft eyes, orange pom-poms, miniature wooden flower pots, wire cutters, craft wire, craft glue, scissors, acrylic craft paint of your choice, a paintbrush, a pencil, cardstock, and fine-tip markers.

Begin by painting the flowerpots with acrylic paint of your choice. Colors such as orange, yellow, brown, and red are appropriate Thanksgiving Day colors. Set them aside to dry.

Next you will need to draw and cut out the parts of the turkey. Draw 6 feathers of equal size. Use different colors of craft foam for each feather. You will also need to draw and cut out a beak and two small wings for the turkey. The wings should be smaller than the tail feathers. Use the first wing you make as a pattern for the second one. Do the same when making the tail feathers. That way all of the feathers will be of equal size and shape.

Glue the pom-pom to the top of the flowerpot, and allow the glue plenty of time to dry. Next you will need to glue the tail feathers to the back of the turkey. You may need to lay it down so it comes in contact with the work surface. That way the feathers will stick to the pom-pom as the glue dries. You will also need to glue on the eyes, beak, and wings. Glue and position all the parts, and set it aside to dry completely.

Next you will need to make the place card holder. Trim a piece of wire so it's approximately 6 inches in length. Bend the end of the wire to make a swirl pattern. This is the part that will hold the place card. Put a moderate amount of glue on the straight end of the wire, and stick it in the flowerpot next to the body of the turkey. Set it aside to dry.

While the glue is drying, make name cards for your guests using rectangular pieces of cardstock. Either write or print each name in the center of each card. When you're sure the glue has completely dried, attach the cards to the wire holders.

Another cute and useful Thanksgiving Day party favor is a turkey treat holder. Make one for each guest, and fill the tiny tin bucket with treats such as nuts, mints, or candy coated chocolates. They're fun and very simple to make.

For this project you will need small tin craft buckets, brown, orange, green, yellow, and red craft foam, plastic craft eyes, craft glue, scissors, a pencil, newspapers, and brown enamel spray paint.

Begin by protecting your work area with newspapers. Also, be sure there is adequate ventilation, and spray the outside of each tin bucket. Allow the paint time to dry, turn the buckets over, and paint the inside. Set them aside to dry.

While the buckets are drying, draw and cut out 6 feathers, a head, 2 wings, a beak, a waddle, and feet for the turkey. Use various colors of craft foam for the parts. Make each feather a different color, and make the wings and feet any color you wish. Use red craft foam for the waddle.

Glue the feathers to the back of the bucket so they show from the opposite side. Taper them as you place them into position. It may be necessary to lay the bucket down while the glue dries. While the glue is drying, attach the eyes, beak, and waddle to the head. After all of the glue has dried completely, set the bucket upright, and glue the head to the other side of the bucket near the rim. You will also need to glue the wings to the sides of the bucket, and glue the feet to the bottom. Set the finished project aside to dry completely before filling it with candy or nuts.

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