Do It Yourself Crafts: Unique Hand Puppet Ideas

Follow these easy instructions for making unique hand puppets. These puppets are simple for kids as well as adults because there is no sewing required.

Hand puppets are lots of fun to play with, but they are even more fun to make. You can make very cool hand puppets that will delight your friends and family. These unique puppets are simple to design, and are great for all ages and skill levels. Best of all, there is no sewing required.

For this project you will need ΒΌ yard of natural cotton duck material, craft hair, acrylic paint in colors of your choice, paintbrushes, plastic craft eyes, fabric glue, scissors, paper, a pencil, and a fine-tip black marker. You will also need scraps of felt, lace, rickrack, buttons, and any other decorative trim of your choice. Optional craft items are glitter glue, puff paint, faux gemstones, and beads.

Begin by making a pattern on a piece of paper. The pattern should be shaped like a mitten that has a thumb on each side. An easy way to make a pattern is to trace around a real mitten, flip it over, and trace the thumb on the other side. Since duck cloth does not stretch, be sure to make the pattern large enough to comfortably fit your hand. Trace around the first shape to create an exact match for the backside of your puppet.

Use a pencil to draw facial expressions and lines on the body for the edges of the clothing. After sketching the lines in pencil, you can begin painting the puppet. Mix colors for the clothing and the skin. Paint on a shirt or blouse, and paint the hands and the face. After the paint has dried, give the cheeks a rosy red glow with a little red paint on a dry brush. Finish the face by drawing on a mouth using a fine-tip black marker.

Next you can trim the clothing with buttons, rickrack, ribbons or any other decorative trim you might have. Attach rickrack to the edges of the clothing and glue buttons to the fronts of the shirts. You can make a small satin bow to attach to the neckline, or you can make a collar or tie using scraps of felt. Use your imagination, and create a uniquely different hand puppet.

Optionally you can trim the clothing or create unique designs using glitter glue or puff paint. You can give your puppet a name, and create a personalized tee shirt for him or her. You can also create beautiful necklaces or bracelets by gluing on faux gemstones or beads.

Lastly, glue on the plastic eyes and craft hair. After the glue has dried, you can trim the craft hair to give your puppet a stylish hairdo. Make ponytails with satin ribbons, or clip on small barrettes. You can even braid the hair or create a unique style.

When you are finished decorating the puppet, it's time to glue the two sides together. Put a fine line of glue around the entire inside edge of the fabric. Carefully place the front half of the puppet over the back half. Press it into place, and allow it to dry for about 24 hours.

You can make an unlimited variety of unique hand puppets. Make several puppets, and put on a puppet show with your friends. You'll have as just much fun making these puppets as you will have showing them off. As you bring them to life, each one will have his or her very own unique character and charm.

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