Do It Yourself: Creative Towel Rod Ideas

Ideas you can use to create a towel rod.

If you find the towel rods available in the local department store boring, or just want something unusual, here are some ideas you might want to try. These ideas are useful in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

You can create your own towel rods from items that you can find in nature:

* You can pick up interesting branches and sturdy sticks and transform them into creative towel rods by using simple coat hooks as mounting software.

* Bamboo reeds will also work well and can be mounted on any number or hooks found in the hardware store.

Discarded items, before you throw out any of the following items, think twice as to whether you may be able to use them for your towel rod.

* A simple ladder can be leaned against a wall or mounted on the wall to serve as a towel rod for several people.

* A broomstick, with or without the broom would make a whimsical towel rod when attached to the wall. This would work well in the kitchen. You can suspend it on wire and put your paper towels, aluminum foil, wax paper, and a dishtowel on the same pole.

* In the same way you would hang a broomstick or any other long pole or stick, you can recycle an iron pipe.

Unusual items: Take an item that normally has another use, and transform it into a towel rod.

* An iron Sheppard's crook would make a creative towel rod for your bathroom. You can install several of them vertically so the crooks can be used to hold the towels, or install one horizontally to be used in the same way as a traditional towel rod.

* Any decorative curtain rod would look great in a bathroom with a long empty wall. You can install two, one above the other and use the top one for washcloths and the lower one for towels.

* A walking stick or cane, especially if it has been carved would make a lovely towel rod for the kitchen or bath, if you can bring yourself to cover it with towels.

* For a rustic towel rod, use a taught rope attached to metal pegs. You an add clothespins to the rope if you wish for a whimsical look.

* If you need to hang many towels in the bathroom or a number of miscellaneous items in the kitchen, install shaker peg molding. You can use a 2-foot length pegboard, or get one the length of the wall, or the circumference of the room depending on how many items you wish to hang.

* A series of curtain tiebacks mounted on a wood molding would make an up to date version of a shaker pegboard that you can create yourself.

* An item no one would expect to find in the bathroom or kitchen is a freestanding coat rack. However, it is a perfect item for hanging bath towels and robes, or aprons and dishtowels.

* If there is no space on your walls for a towel rack or even a simple hook, try suspending a pot rack from the ceiling and using it to hang your towels. You can suspend a simple ladder from the ceiling as well.

If your or your kid's bathrooms are designed according to a theme, take the experience one-step further and create a towel rod that goes along with it.

* Use a fishing rod or nautical or beach theme.

* A hockey stick or baseball bat will work well for a sports theme.

* For a ballerina or dancer, install a ballet bar complete with a wall of mirrors that can be used for stretching as well as hanging towels.

* A spear for a jungle room, pool cue for a bachelor pad or any other number of fun items can also be used is you just use your imagination.

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