Do It Yourself Design: Concrete Landscape Edging Ideas And How To

Add an attractive new look to your landscape that you will love for years by creating your own concrete landscape edging.

Add an attractive new look to your landscape by designing your own concrete landscape edging. All it takes is a little imagination and a few easy steps. In very little time you will be enjoying the look of your new landscape for many years to come. Creating a beautiful edging can create a picture frame for your yard. A concrete border makes an excellent, long lasting replacement for your current edging, whether it is wood, plastic, metal or brick. Your concrete border will not shift or come out of place like other edging material will.

There are so many places in your yard that you can use concrete landscaping edging. Installing this around curves, turns and contours will create an attractive new look for your lawn. Concrete landscaping edging can be placed around flower or garden beds; around trees; along pathways; walkways; and driveways. It can be used in playgrounds or around sand boxes. It can be used along fence or property lines. It also provides a nice barrier for unwanted weeds. It is great to help control water run off. It helps hold mulch into place without it spilling out on your lawn. It can set your pathway off by installing concrete edging to the outside. This will make your path clearly defined.

Decide what area in your landscape that you want to add your concrete lawn edging. If you decide to go beyond the regular concrete gray color, you can add stone pigment when mixing your concrete and it will give you a different color. You can use different color concrete to compliment the individual area that you are working at. Depending on where you have decided to use your edging, you can add embellishments like marbles or seashells to the visible part of your concrete. You will need to purchase concrete, a bucket to mix your concrete in, a mixing stick and whatever embellishments you may want to add. If you have decided to incorporate color into your concrete, you will need to purchase stone pigment as well.

Begin by preparing the area that you will be pouring your concrete in. Dig a trench by the specifications you decide upon. Once this is finished, you can mix your concrete according to the directions on the bag. Be careful not to use too much water. Fill the trench with concrete and level it off. You should wait for about five minutes until the concrete is ready to hold your embellishments. If you are going to write on the concrete you should wait about twenty minutes before trying. If your writing fills in with water, you can smooth the concrete out again with a smooth stick. Wait a longer time before trying again. If you are incorporating hand or foot prints you should wait for thirty minutes. Leave your edging alone for forty-eight hours to cure. Think of all the hours you will save when it comes to trimming and weeding. Don't be surprised when your neighbor calls and asks you to help them incorporate concrete landscape edging into their landscape.

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