Do It Yourself Design: Stone Landscape Edging Ideas And How To

Making improvements to your home's landscape? Stone edging would be a perfect accent to beautiful lawns and plants. Learn how do design and install one yourself with these tips, ideas and instructions.

With another winter almost behind us, now is the time to begin thinking about your outside projects and what home improvements you would like to make. One way to make your property look more attractive is by adding stone landscaping edging to your landscape. Not only will it add natural aesthetic beauty to the appearance of your property but it will help increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

You can go from a very small improvement project to a very complex project depending on the area that you choose. Stone makes an excellent choice because it will last a lot longer than edging made from wood or plastic. There are many advantages to using stone; however it can be one of the most expensive materials to use.

Throughout time stone has been considered the foremost material for good taste and quality settings. Enhancing your landscape with natural stone edging will add beauty that you can enjoy for many years to come. Stone provides a natural beauty second to none. You can compliment your stone feature with companion plants that compliment the stone. By visiting your local nursery, you will find that there are many plants that are available that will enhance your stone edging.

Designing your landscape is an art in itself. You want to make your property attractive while making the best use of the space you have. Try to preserve trees and other natural resources that are on your property.

Start by putting your ideas on paper. This will give you an idea of what is needed for your project. Once you know exactly where you want to install your stone edging you will want to check around to find the type of stone that you want for your project and purchase it.

To add stone edging to a flower bed or garden, make a line on the area you are going to edge. Use paint or a garden hose to help you create your line or curves. Remove the sod inside the bed. Be sure to keep the edge clean. Dig your area where your stone is going to be placed four inches deep. If you want to ensure that no weeds or unwanted grass grows in between your stone, lay a plastic barrier down. Once you have the plastic in place, add sand to within one inch from the top of where you will be laying your stone. Keep your stone ends close together so there are very few, if any, gaps in the edging line. Fill under the stone and the gaps with sand to be sure everything is stable. You don't want your stone to move when you step on it. Tap each stone with a rubber hammer or block of wood. If the stone sinks too far you need to add more sand under it.

Make sure your planting area soil is low enough to keep your mulch in. When making curves, use smaller pieces of stone to keep the gaps smaller and give you a more professional look.

Think of all the possibilities you can do to enhance your landscape. Be prepared for all the compliments you receive from your neighbors. In just a little time and with a few materials, you can achieve the landscape that you and your family will love.

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