Do It Yourself Divorce

There are many benefits to a do it yourself divorce, including saving both time and money

Wondering if you should do your own divorce? There are many benefits to a do it yourself divorce, including saving both time and money.The cost to file and complete a divorce using a divorce attorney can be quite expensive.By filing your own divorce you can avoid most, if not all, attorney fees.If you and your spouse can agree on how to settle important divorce issues, you can save valuable time that might otherwise be spent on long, stressful court battles.

A do it yourself divorce is best for simple, uncontested divorces. If you and your spouse share no children, very little assets, and can amicably come to agreement without the help of family law professionals, a do it yourself divorce may work well for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that individuals inexperienced with divorce law can overlook many pitfalls involved in divorce proceedings.Even in the simplest of divorces, unexpected issues can arise that require the help of a law professional. There may be property value concerns, tax consequences, and future risks to consider.

Some parts of a divorce decree can be modified, especially if you do not follow the rules. Your paperwork should be thoroughly checked for loopholes. Often the best course of action is to obtain the necessary forms, fill in as much as possible on your own, and then have your paperwork reviewed by a lawyer.Using this method you will save a large amount in legal fees, while gaining the benefit of advice from a qualified attorney.

A do it yourself divorce is least feasible for those experiencing unresolved child custody, support, alimony, or asset distribution issues.If there are unresolved issues remaining when you fill out your forms, you may cheat yourself out of a fair and complete divorce. Filing divorce papers in this situation can result in a permanent decision full of flaws and seriously lacking in fairness.

There are dozens of books, forms, packages, and do it yourself kits available via the Internet, book stores, and office supply stores, to aid you in filing your own divorce.There are legal clinics with chain stores in several states, which offer discount assistance for individuals who want to file their own divorces.Customers complete worksheets, as provided by the store, and return the completed documents to the clinic.After receiving the completed documents the store prepares the necessary forms for the individual to file.Some do it yourself kits contain the necessary forms to file divorce papers for all 50 states, along with detailed instructions on how to fill them out.

Divorce kits and books can be extremely helpful.They can help you organize issues, inventory assets, identify information you will need, and consider alternatives.Do it yourself papers come in both free and for payment versions.It is extremely important for your do it yourself forms to be compatible with the laws of your place of residency.Divorce laws are state specific and requirements vary.Be sure your kit or form package complies with your state's divorce laws.

One of the best tools you can use for a do it yourself divorce is knowledge.Seek out online resources to educate yourself on the divorce process, stay abreast of applicable laws, and fully understand your options.If you decide on a do it yourself divorce, be sure to thoroughly research your chosen kit or form package for product reviews and, if possible, consumer references.

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