Do It Yourself: Entryway Glass Floor Tile Designs

Greet your guests with an incredibly beautiful entryway using glass floor tiles. Learn how to choose, design and install them yourself with these tips, ideas and instructions.

What can make a greater first impression of your home than to have your entryway looking very inviting and attractive to guests. When deciding what you want at your entryway, choose a design that is as original as you are.

One way to achieve an incredible look for your entryway is to adorn it with a beautiful glass floor or glass floor accents. Today we are very lucky because there are an array of products with various colors, sizes and patterns for us to choose from.

You can choose from translucent glass tiles or iridescent ones. Translucent glass tiles are usually colorless glass that have a thin sheet of colored material fired on to the back side. These usually come in one and two inch sizes and larger. Iridescent glass tiles are different. The surface of these tiles is made iridescent by being covered in metal oxides and they are fired to a high temperature.

You can use glass floor tiles as your primary floor or you can accent the glass tiles with stone tiles or other tiles for an incredible look. Tiling large areas, however beautiful, can be very expensive. Using glass tile as an accent can be a more economical option. To save even more money, you can install it yourself. Be sure to research every step before you take on a project like this yourself.

A classic design for your entryway would be to start in the center of your floor and lay tiles in a square. This makes for a very simple elegant design. If you want a different look, mix sizes and turn on a diagonal. If you do this, be sure the height of the tiles is all the same or your floor will not be even. Another option would be to take ceramic tiles and accent them with glass tiles. One idea would be to take the glass tiles and outline your ceramic tiles to where it looks like the outline of a rug. This is a very pretty design.

Glass tiles come in a variety of sizes. They range from mini squares to large tiles. To find out what would look great in your home, check out the displays at local tile stores. The store where I bought my tiles from was kind enough to let me take some of their display boards home to see what tiles would look best in my house. That saved a lot of aggravation because what I thought looked good in the store, looked terrible when I compared it to everything in my home.

When it came to what pattern I wanted installed on my floor, my husband and I were walking through a home improvement store when we saw a display of a floor that the store had used in a class showing people how to tile. I fell in love with the design and I started drawing it on a scrap piece of paper that I had. We went home and decided that was what we wanted. Today I have the floor of my dreams.

Be sure to check out all your options before you make any decisions. Speak to people who have installed these types of floors before and see what they would recommend or do differently. Make sure the tile you purchase is perfect for the area you are planning on tiling. Before beginning to tile, be sure that your floor is properly prepared. If you try to cut corners with any of this project, you will know it because you will have to replace your floor sooner than you should have had to.

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