Do It Yourself: Fun Flag Mosaic Tile Project

You can make a fun and unique mosaic flag using ceramic tiles. Included are ideas for various types of decorative flags and suggestions for display.

If you need a reproduction of an American State flag, or a flag representing another country for a school project, impress your teacher by making a flag using colored mosaic tiles. Although this project is very simple, the finished recreation is nothing less than exceptional.

Displaying a flag made from colored mosaic tiles is a great way to declare your patriotic affiliation or your association with a particular group. Make one to show your support for your state, country, or favorite organization. These durable flags can be displayed outdoors as well as indoors and look great on a wire stand or secured to a decorative wooden flagpole.

Keep in mind, flags aren't only used as symbols for states, countries, and organizations. You can also make personalized flags to celebrate any occasion you wish. Many people display flags for holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. Flags are also displayed to celebrate the seasons. Whatever subject you decide to represent with a handcrafted mosaic tile flag, you're sure to enjoy making it as much as you enjoy showing off your beautifully finished work of art.

For this craft project you will need a sheet of ΒΌ inch plywood measuring 12 inches by 18 inches, 1 inch square ceramic tiles in colors of your choice, tile grout, a palette knife, enamel paint, polyurethane sealer, paintbrushes, paint thinner, rags, water, and a picture of the flag you want to recreate. Optional supplies are a tile cutter, a display stand, a screwdriver, small wood screws, and a decorative wooden pole to display the finished flag.

If you want to mount your flag on a decorative wooden pole, attach the plywood to the pole before applying the grout and tiles to the board. Place a screw every two to three inches to properly and securely attach the plywood to the pole.

Begin by choosing colored ceramic tiles for your flag. For accuracy, refer to a picture of the flag you want to make, or you can use your imagination to create your own design. Before spreading grout on the plywood base, place the tiles on the wood to see how many you'll need. If you don't have a tile cutter for cutting alternate shapes, you can paint details and accents using enamel paint. If you plan on painting the details and accents, choose tiles to complete only the background of the flag.

After cutting the tiles if you decide to do so, arrange them exactly the way you want, and remove them one by one. Place them off to the side of your work area. Keep them in proper order so it will be easier to place them on the plywood after the grout has been applied. Apply a moderate layer of grout to the plywood using a palette knife. Spread it out evenly over the entire surface of the wood. One by one, place each tile to complete the flag. After all the tiles are in place, use additional grout and a rag to carefully fill in the cracks between the tiles. Follow up with a wet rag to remove any excess grout. Set the flag aside to dry completely.

If you've chosen to add details with enamel paint, apply the designs to the tiles. Allow the paint plenty of time to dry, and give the finished flag a coat of polyurethane sealer. Coat the back of the flag as well as the pole if you've chosen to display the flag in this manner. The polyurethane will protect the wood and any painted accents from the elements, and it will give it a more finished appearance. Allow the sealer adequate time to dry before handling or displaying your finished flag.

Remember to promptly clean your paintbrushes using paint thinner. Be sure there is adequate ventilation before doing so. Cleaning your brushes immediately after use will keep them in top shape and prolong their life.

If you choose to display your finished flag outside, consider placing it in a garden or near the entryway of your home. Consider using adjustable landscape lighting to highlight the flag and surrounding terrain. This easy but impressive craft project will surely be an extraordinary addition your property.

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