Do It Yourself Gift Wrapping Ideas

Give gifts with a personal touch by wrapping them in unique ways.

Maybe you are like me and hate the selection of wrapping paper available. Or another common scenario, you're out of wrapping paper with no time to go out and buy some more?

Well below I am prepeared to offer ten creative alternatives to conventional wrapping paper. Not only are they creative alternatives but in a way most of the ideas can be considered gifts within themselves. Maybe after reading my ideas you might become inspired and create your own.

1. Fabric: This is great for people who sew and often have lots of scraps leftover. You can use the fabric as if it were paper, folding it in a similar fashion or placing the gift in the center gathering up the sides and creating somewhat of a hobo sack with a fantastic ribbon securing it. Imagine receiving a gift completely wrapped in velvet, silk or even a shaggy faux fur material? The options are endless.

2. Yours or your children's art: This is always a big hit, it's as if giving two gifts in one. Pick the size of paper needed and get creative. You don't even need artistic abitlity,you can use stamps or even stencils! However, I have to warn you, if the gift is to be wrapped using your child's art and the recipient happens to be a grandparent, the present may never get opened or will take extra time to open in an attempt to preserve the art work.

3. A brown paper bag: Everyone has at least one paper bag in their house. Plus it's not as tasteless as it sounds. To use the bag you need to first start by cutting out the bottm. Then you will need to cut down the seamed section of the bag, this will then leave you with a workable sheet of paper. Now you wrap your gift with the paper as it is or you can decorate it, using stamps, stickers or even some more art work(as stated in step two) . But sometimes nothing says more than simplicity. Top it off with a plain or raffia ribbon for an elegant rustic look and you're set to go.

4. Money: Now this is a great idea if for instance the gift is a cheap one, the wrapping will ultimately BE the gift. You take the currency of choice,ie,ones,fives,tens,etc. Lay them side by side making it look like a sheet freshly issued and uncut from the mint,and then tape it all together using long strips of tape. Once finished you can wrap gift as desired.

5.Bubble Wrap: Who doesn't love bubble wrap? How fun would it be to receive a package all done up in bubble wrap? Personally I wouldn't know whether to unwrap it or pop it. Relatively easy, bubble wrap comes in rolls, exactly like wrapping paper. Only issue you might have is the fact it can tend to be a bit see through. Place the gift in a plain unassuming box and your problem is solved.

6. A beautiful scarf: Another instance where the wrapping is also the gift. You can tie this in with the gift to be wrapped, what goes more perfect with a scarf than a a lovely pin? Just place the item in the center of the scarf and bundle the item up and secure with ribbon or perhaps even another scarf.

7. Crepe paper: Crepe paper can be found at party or craft supply stores. It can be found in sheets, available in a multitude of colors and has a very cool texture. The texture is what's great about this form of wrapping. Combine two different colors when wrapping the gift to add even more interest.

8. Cereal boxes, product packaging: Ever noticed some of the groceries you buy come in very visually appealling packaging, especially cereal boxes? Remember how you use to get a surprise out of cereal boxes when you were little? Well think how fun and campy it would be to give a gift hidden inside of a friend's favorite childhood cereal box, just this time the cereal has already been emptied out ahead of time just leaving the gift to be found. Another idea is using a can with a cool label, converting it into perhaps a mini gift basket.

9.The Sunday Funnies: I am totally against using newsprint because it tends to get so sloppy and leaves a mess on your fingers. But the cartoons out of the Sunday paper are an exception. This is something I remember my mother doing when I was growing up. It comes in a respectable wrapping size and is quite colorful without the mess. Wrap gift as you would using any wrapping paper and embellish with your decoration of choice, be it ribbons or a pom-pom of shredded newspaper.

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