Do It Yourself Halloween: Bug Costumes For Babies

Turn your baby into a creepy, crawly bug this Halloween using the simple, do-it-yourself costume ideas featured in this guide.

The sight of a bug in the house is enough to make most people squeal in fright, but stick a baby in a bug costume, and watch as everyone squeals in delight. It's funny, but true. Take advantage of this strange phenomenon this Halloween by turning your baby into a squeal-worthy bug. The following do-it-yourself costumes ideas will show you how:

Bee- Get your neighbors buzzing about how cute your little one looks by turning him into a bumble bee for Halloween. To get started, purchase a black, hooded sweatshirt, and safety pin or stitch several yellow felt strips to the shirt. Then, create a stinger for the costume by stitching up a black felt triangle, and stuffing it with a bit of fiber fill. To create antennas for the costume, cut two 3" segments from a black shoelace, and attach them to the top of the hood. Finish by gluing a yellow pompom to the end of each lace, and your little one is ready for some Trick or Treat fun.

Lady bug- Your friends are sure to go buggy over your baby's costume when she arrives at parties dressed as a lady bug. Creating this costume couldn't be easier. Just dress your baby in a black onesie and black tights. Then, sew black dots onto one side of a red hand towel, and safety pin the towel to the back of the onesie.

Fly- Let your creativity take flight in the form of a fly costume for your baby. To get started, purchase a black, hooded sweatshirt; a yard or two of white, mesh fabric; one large, Styrofoam ball and a bottle of red paint. Then, cut a set of wings out of the fabric and stitch or safety pin them onto the back of the jacket. Finish by creating a pair of eyes for the costume by cutting the Styrofoam ball in half, painting the two halves red, and hot gluing them onto the top of the hood. Note: After all of the Halloween festivities are over, the hooded sweatshirt can be restored to everyday wear by unpinning the wings and pulling off the Styrofoam eyes.

Butterfly- Turn your baby into a fluttering beauty quickly and easily with just two or three colors of craft foam and a pair of scissors. Start by cutting a set of wings out of one of the sheets of craft foam. Then, use the remaining colors to cut circles and other decorations for the wings. Finish by stitching or pinning the wings onto the back of your baby's clothing.

Slug- Turn your little crawler into a creepy crawler by creating a slug costume for him to wear this Halloween. Just purchase a brown pajama sleeper, and paint black markings on the back of the sleeper using fabric paint. (Consult a bug book or the Internet for a picture of a slug to help with this step.) Then complete the look by sewing two antennae to the top of a knit ski cap.

Note: For baby-friendly antennae, give felt a try. Just stitch up two pencil-width pieces of brown or black felt, and stuff them with a bit of fiber fill. The resulting antennae will stand up straight without presenting a poking hazard for your little one.)

Caterpillar, stink bug, beetle, grass hopper, cricket""your baby could be one of any number of bugs for Halloween. Select the bug that you like best, and then adapt the costume ideas listed above to meet your needs. With a little time and creativity your baby's costume is sure to look great!

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