Do It Yourself Home Body Wraps

Doing spa body wraps at home is fun and easy, with little clean up.

Body wraps are like a facial for your whole body.They cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.Exfoliating rids your body of dull surface skin and allows moisture and nutrients to be absorbed more readily.Below are instructions on the materials you will need to perform a body wrap at home.Provided are steps you will take to perform the treatment, as well as simple ways to clean up quickly.Body wrap treatments are approximately 60 minutes.

To perform body wraps at home you will need the following materials:

1. Massage table

2. Roll of thin plastic

3. Disposable underwear (two pair)

4. Wool blanket

5. Sea salt body scrub

6. Body moisturizer with shea butter

7. 10 cotton hand towels

8. Large size crock-pot

9. Cotton robe

10. Heating pad

Set up your body treatment:

Half-hour before treatment, plug in your crock-pot and set to warm; plug in heating pad also set to warm.

Fold 10 cotton towels length wise, and then in half.Wet the towels with warm water and roll up, wringing out excess water; place stacked neatly in crock-pot.

Set up your massage table in a room that is big enough for you to easily walk all the way around it.

Next, cut strips of plastic off the roll and lay them so they cover the floor or carpet around your worktable.

Cover your massage table first with a fitted sheet, set the warming heating pad close to where client will lay their back and chest. Next, cover table with a wool blanket, and lastly with two pieces of plastic cut the same size as the blanket.

Have client change into disposable bra and underwear.Provide a robe for client to wear until the time treatment will begin.Keep treatment room a comfortable temperature for client.

Steps to perform body wrap treatment:

Sanitize your hands before beginning body treatment.

Have your client lay face down on the treatment table to begin.

Beginning with left leg and working your way up, start rubbing sea salt body scrub onto skin with vigor, checking to make sure client is comfortable with pressure.

Work your way up one side of the body, and down the other, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete.Once finished exfoliating, have client turn over and lay on their back.Repeat process on topside of body.

It is important when rubbing the stomach area to massage clockwise, working with digestive system; otherwise client may develop a stomachache.

Once exfoliation process is complete wrap the client in plastic and then blanket, leaving the head uncovered; leave client to rest for 10 minutes.

The technique used to remove the exfoliant may include a shower, or warm towels.If you have access to a shower have client rinse off under warm water without using soap, leaving a thin layer of oil on the skin, fresh disposable underwear can now be put on.

If you do not have access to a shower use warm towel to gently remove body scrub.

Once scrub is removed from body, gently remove top plastic layer from table and discard.The client will begin next step laying face down on the table.

Using the body moisturizer, gently massage into the skin in the same fashion you rubbed the scrub. First the back, then the front.Lastly, wrap the client in the plastic and blanket for another ten minutes.After ten minutes of absorption your client will feel refreshed and hydrated.Have them slip back into their robe and sit quietly sipping ice water or warm tea for the next fifteen minutes.

To clean up, carefully gather up the remaining plastic on the bed and the plastic surrounding the bed, which has now caught the excess body scrub and discard.Launder sheet and towels.Fold up your massage table and blanket.Congratulation!You have completed your first body wrap, with many more to come.

Variations in body wraps can come from using different essential oils or scrub materials: you might get an orange or cucumber salt scrub or a lavender body moisturizer.It is fun to customize your treatments with your client's favorite scents.Your friends and family will be impressed with your skills and you will feel rewarded from providing such relief.

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