Do It Yourself Home Remodeling: Stain Your Own Doors And Trim

Do it yourself home remodeling: stain your own doors and trim. You can do it by following these easy steps and say you did it yourself!

Now that you have decided to stain your own trim and doors, you need to choose the color of the stain that matches the original wood. If your trim and doors are oak, you might want to find a nice oak stain that brings out the beauty of the wood. If your trim and doors are already painted, you need to sand them down to the bare wood and then stain them. You cannot put stain over paint. The stain needs to soak in to give it a rich wood finish and natural look. Most woods are not rot-resistant, so if you plan on leaving the wood natural looking, you might want to find a light color stain to preserve the wood.

Water and sun cause contraction and expansion in wood also, so if there is any chance of these elements getting in contact with the trim and door, you need to protect the wood.

Staining your doors and trim leaves the natural grain of the wood showing, which gives a natural look. The stain soaks in when applied with a rag. Make sure to use rubber gloves when applying. You will need several pairs, since stain has a tendency to melt the rubber gloves.

When buying stain, make sure it has a mildewcide in it to protect the wood from mildew. This can happen in the driest home, especially if you stain the bathroom trim and doors.

After sanding all the paint off the trim and doors, or using new wood and trim, be sure to clean off any dust you may have on the wood first. Then take rubber gloves, an absorbent rag and protective eye goggles and start applying with the grain of the wood. Always go with the grain. Let dry, and apply a second coat of stain.

If there are nails in the trim, in order to hide these, get some wood putty and cover the nail holes. Then sand the putty gently as not to remove the plugged hole. Then dust the excess and stain. The holes will be covered and you will never know there was a nail there.

When staining doors, make sure there are no doorknobs attached. If the stain gets on the doorknob, it can harm the shiny finish. When dry, hang the door back on and re-attach the door knob.

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