Do It Yourself Home Remodels: Marble Tile Mosaic Ideas

When creating marble tile mosaics for your remodling there are many beautiful and versatile ideas.

Decorating with mosaic tiles is a fun way to create unique improvement ideas for your home, from room to room. Cut away a portion of the carpet and lay mosaic marble tiles on the floor, right as you step through the door. You can also tile your family initial onto the bottom of the outside screen door.

In the kitchen, of course, counters and table tops are the obvious when considering mosaics, but for a unique look, attach mosaics to the window encasements and window sills. Create a coordinating hot pan holder by tiling a 9"X9" piece of wood and attaching some type of legs underneath. These can be small spools which you have also tiled, or a purchased wrought iron base. In addition, mosaic a large plate and place it in the center of the table with fruit. You can also tile a sectioned plastic container on the outside for a cute candy dish that just rinses out.

A mosaic floor is awesome in the dining room, but very time consuming. If you have the time and patience, this is a worthwhile project. You can choose a theme, like hummingbirds and flowers, and incorporate it into the floor design. For the best outcome, draw the design onto the floor and fill in with colored pencils. If an artist you're not, use stencils to draw the pattern and repeat at various spots on the floor. The pattern will help you keep your tiles aligned and assist you in knowing when to change colors while tiling. Mosaic touches can also be added to vases in coordinating colors or adhere the tiles to the corner molding pieces to match the floor.

Living room lamps can be beautifully done when using mosaic marble tiles. Select a random pattern for placement of the tiles, or stencil on a diagram to follow while tiling. Then, mosaic a large platter and place in the center of the coffee table for laying the remotes, TV guide, and other small objects. Tile a couple of picture frames in colors which match your furniture or drapes. Mosaics can also be glued on the doors of a small curio cabinet. If your mantel is in need of sanding, never mind. Use mosaic marble tiles instead of tedious wood refinishing.

For a bedroom, why not get really creative and do your rendition of Picasso's "The Starry Night" on your bedside table? Not that inspired? Then try a tile arrangement on the headboard or footboard of the bed. For that loose change lying around on the dresser, mosaic a small bowl to toss it in at night. For a boy's bedroom, tile around the front edges of a book shelf or add mosaics to the closet door framing. For a girl, don't forget to include your new mosaic designs in the doll house and around the child's vanity mirror.

You can go tile crazy in the bathroom. Sure, you can mosaic the countertops, the commode tank lid, the mirror frame and even the floor, but if you have a separate shower stall, create a unique underwater scene. Of course, by now you have become expert at tiling, so you'll have no problem placing tiles to create fish, seaweed, shells and water. You can even do a ceiling scene in the shower stall. Place tiles to create the illusion of looking up at the under side of a small boat.

Yes, there are even ways to decorate with mosaic tiles outside of your home. Attach tiles to 2 large, plastic flower pots and place one on each side of your walkway or porch. Mosaic your family on a wooden plaque and hang beside the front door. You can even do a lovely mosaic arrangement on your mailbox; just make sure you have used water repellant to seal the tiles.

Still haven't had your fill of mosaics? In your spare time, make some small crafts like a soap dish, doggie bowl, a coaster, or add tiles to a handmade bird house. Now, how about the garage?

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